Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009 - Hi, I'm Billy Mays!

Wow... I can't believe it's almost July.

Nothing too exciting going on here... My manuscript should be in New York right now.... and I finally got my lawn mowed.

Hard to believe all of the celeb death lately. Jackson's is tawdry and while I respect and enjoy the contributions he gave to music, I think the whole circus will get old fast. That said, I would SO read an insider's guide to his private life and the Neverland Ranch. I cannot resist.

Billy Mays was someone who had always gotten old fast for me, they have his voice on a constant loop at work in our As Seen On TV section, but at the same time he always seemed hilariously excited. Like the Richard Simmons of the crappy gadget. The way he died was kind of sad too... could happen to anyone.

And Farrah Fawcett.... I was kind of young for her whole thing, but she always seemed to have a pretty good sense of humor.

I need a day off. Blogging about celebs... what in the hell am I thinking?? Need to get out of the house and and do something fun....


Steve at Random said...

I was actually concerned when Belinda told me that Billy Mays died. I thought she said "Willie" Mays...they "Say Hey" kid for the New York and San Francisco Giants. When I found out it was the TV pitchman, I wasn't nearly as interested. I bought some "Super" Glue Stick that was touted by Billy a couple of years ago. I found it had the same cementatious qualities of water and flour.

Kristopher and Crew said...

I kind of assumed Willie Mays was dead already....

All of the As Seen On TV stuff we sell is junk. Pure and simple.

If it wasn't junk, they wouldn't be in that section and even then, they're probably still pretty much junk.

We unload a lot of crap that makes me slightly ashamed to sell it to people.