Monday, September 27, 2010

Lobster Rolls

I've decided to try something a little different with my reviews from now on. I'm going to keep the "numbered" format of my previous reviews, but incorporate the ROUS initials of my site and make the format a bit more open to reviewing other types of things, like restaurants and the like.
Let me know what you think!

Reviews Of Unusual Size
Main St. & Water St., Wiscasset, ME
Re: Originally opened in 1938 in Boothbay and moved to Wiscasset in 1954, Red's is a classic Lobster shack, about the size of a trailer and painted bright red. It sits on a busy intersection and depending on the day, you can't even see the building because of the line surrounding it and stretching along the road. Some people say Red's is the home of the World's Best Lobster Roll, and they come from miles to stand in line for the deceptively simple fare. A toasted frankfurt roll, a huge pile of perfectly steamed Maine Lobster and some clarified butter on the side.
Somewhere under that is a toasted bun.
Outstanding: The food, of course. There was a gentleman in line ahead of us that drove 6 hours to get a lobster roll. He waited with us for an hour, bought 4 of them and went away exceedingly happy. With good reason. The rolls are overflowing and ridiculously good. I'm not a lobster person and I was shocked at how tender, buttery and sweet the meat was. But what really blew me away was the service. We're talking about a little shack that had a line around the block on a weekday after tourist season, and Debbie, one of the owners was manning the counter and was as sweet and amazing as could be. She offered us cups of ice for our sodas and suggested the fried zucchini, fresh from her garden. There were easily 40 people behind us in line and not one was grumpy or impatient.
The line at Red's. Worth the wait, but daunting all the same.
Unacceptable: We waited in line for an hour. Which seems excessive, but we knew what we were getting into, and frankly, I think it was worth it. They also have pretty limited selections of food for non-seafood eaters like myself. Other than that? not much. I would have preferred the menu to be posted in a different spot, as it takes me forever to decide on food.

Summary: They might be right; this could easily qualify as the world's best lobster roll, but either way, sitting on a bench with the sun on our shoulders and a breeze drifting over the water, it was a spectacular lunch. Plan for the wait, but it's worth it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cleaning House

I've spent most of the day cleaning the house and napping. Days off are the best. Now I plan to sculpt something, watch a movie and read.

A couple of days ago, I won an award, and as part of the deal, you're supposed to pass that on to fifteen equally enjoyable and deserving blogs that you've recently discovered. As it turns out, with the exception of those I started following because of her other winners, I only follow around 30 blogs.... and I've gotta save some for the next award I win. SO without further ado, here are some pages that bring me great joy on a regular basis. Below you'll find writers, bikes, robots, monsters, mothers, ninjas, dogs and more. There's no common theme except that all of them are awesome! 

Check 'em out, love 'em and pass them on!

Reviews Of Unusual Size

Five Things About...

 Prison Tower Rescue
by Lego
365 pieces

1 - This is the first set I have from the new Castle-themed Legos, titled Kingdoms. Each time they start a new series with Castle, it's a good kingdom versus a clearly bad kingdom, in this case, a red and white themed Lion kingdom versus the green and gold Dragon kingdom. I have to give it to the bad guys as far as color scheme this time around.

2 - This is a pretty simple set, the assembly was trouble free and everything seems pretty sturdy and well-designed. So far the green plate directly below the portcullis is the only thing that seems poorly anchored.

3 - This set comes with 5 minifigures, a Lion knight and soldier, a Dragon knight and crossbow wielder and a princess in a red and white dress. There's a also a horse for the Lion knight. I especially like the grizzled gray beard on the Lion knight.

4 - A couple of fun details on here, including a wheel and string controlled gate, a drop down prison gate that becomes a ladder, boiling oil and a tiny catapult. The horse has a nice unicorn horn that fits into its headpiece.

5 - A solid set overall, with logical ways for the residents to get to different floors, though it suffers, like all Legos by being a simple one sided structure, like a set in a play. Which has been standard for quite a while and allows for easier play on both sides, but I do miss the older swing-open styled buildings they used to have.


Monday, September 13, 2010

I've got a bad motivator!

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Marty Robbins - The Strawberry Roan
Life - 
Pooka, his head looking deceptively small and Clover, cuddling Pook's paw.

I was planning to wait and update my blog on Thursday, when I have a day off, especially after I hurt my finger at work - A box went rogue and sliced my right index finger under the nail about a half inch deep. Which is indeed just a papercut when you think about it, but an awesomely painful one, especially when you're a henpeck typist, like I am.

But then two things happened!
Ball... Not pictured, a second ball, further back in there...

First, I took the three awesome photos of the boys, hanging out, being goofy that accompany this post. As you can see, they're deserving of it.

Ludo, laying in what looks to be a horribly uncomfortable position. Also observe his luxurious mane.
 And second of all, I got a blog award! Zoe, over at No Letters On My Keyboard chose me as one of the recipients of the "One Lovely Blog Award" Keep in mind, she's a horror writer with awesome taste, who just gave me an award titled One Lovely Blog. A recent post was about how death and darkness makes her a better person. The blog award also features pink roses and a lacy teacup. SO clearly, Miss Zoe has a great sense of humor. So in honor of a Major Award, I figured I should Lovely Up my blog with some pictures of the kids looking stupid. Taa-Dah!

Thanks, Zoe! (And Thursday or so, I'll pass on the love to some deserving blogs too!)

I also have a few book reviews to catch up on, I posted a sneak preview of Martin, my newest creature on Deeply Dapper, and I started setting Halloween at work. Hooray for Halloween!!!
Writing - 

Uhh... Nothing to see here, move along! I hurt my finger! Arrrh!  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lost In Time And Space

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Life - 

Believe it or not, but tomorrow seems to have slid a few days to the right on the calendar. Hard to believe, eh? I've been busy and more to the point, a bit overwhelmed! In the last few weeks, I've worked an average of  60 hours a week at work, plus an hour commute time every day. Then, when I get home, I've dove headlong into my attempts to open a shop on the website Etsy, selling some sculptures, drawings and stickers I've made. And thats the tip of the iceberg, with a summer cold weighing me down the entire time. Every once in a while, I just want to call it a night and sleep for three days. 

Anyway, things are progressing. Right now, I'm on the fence about my upcoming classes for my Pharmacy Tech License, something required by my work for my position. I'll take it eventually, but it involves three thorough and weighty tomes, 6 weekly three hour classes and a refresher, and I'm not sure if I'm up to that now with everything else. They have another class in January. Maybe it would be easier for me to concentrate on it after Christmas has spread it's joy around and things are calmer at work.  But I need to decide fast, as the first class is tomorrow morning! 

My Etsy shop, Deeply Dapper is up and running now, with a few items on it, catering to the lover of the unknown, steampunk, Lovecraft and anything cool and mysterious, it will eventually include handmade Tie Tacks, Pocket Squares, Artwork, Photographic Prints, Auto Decals, Curiosities and more. Right now, all that's there are a couple Sasquatch stickers and a Beastie in a bottle, but check it out! I also started a blog for the shop to showcase works in progress and the like.

So to sum up, Life, as the heading proclaims, is crappy, busy and daunting right now. In fact, my brain is fuzzy enough that I started writing my Quarterly Reading Update today, without realizing that I still have the month of September.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer... Still.

Sorry I've been absent. Between work, which has been as busy as ever a new venture for some extra $$ and this nasty summer cold I've contracted, it seems like all I do is sweat, sleep and work.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new blog though!