Monday, July 23, 2012

The Second Annual Monson Swap Meat

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 Now that's how you spend a laid back Saturday in Maine! Last year, we were lucky enough to stumble across the Swap Meat while my mom was here and we made it a point to attend this year.
What is the Swap Meat, you ask? It's a yearly event, arranged by Spring Creek Bar-B-Q in Monson, Maine. Coinciding with Monson's yearly summer celebration, the Swap Meat brings together roughly a dozen grillers, smokers, barbecuers and cookers from around the area to ply their wares and share technique.

It's a lot of fun in a simple, back country kind of way. There's plenty of good food, some questionable live music and  if the last two years are any indication, beautiful weather!

The important question - What did we eat?

Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket, BBQ Lobster Rolls, Meatloaf, hand cut french fries, jerky and pork sandwiches. All very, very delicious!
The only downsides? Despite checking three times, we were never in time to get the grilled veggie kabobs, there was no whole pig on fire like last year and the "Fresh Squeezed Lemonade".
Why was the lemonade a disappointment? It was 16oz for $3. They put one lemon half on a squeezer and squished it right into the glass - looking good so far! Then they toss the entire  half in, taking up space and adding some seeds and whatnot to the mix. But it looked cool. Then they added a good 6oz of ice. Sigh. Expected, but still. Then they top off the final 1/2 glass with some mysterious lemonade from a jug on the table. Which tasted like Crystal Light. Bah.
I know, I thought about that too. Luckily, the lobster roll came from a tub, pre-made and refrigerated. The lobsters out in the sun were for looks. And the roll was quite good.

We didn't spend a lot of time in Monson. We wandered the Meat, popped into an antique store and moseyed amiably down the street for a while. They were having an anything-goes boat race and fireworks later, but I'd worked until 5am the night before and that much meat was starting to take it's toll.

Yes, that is a smoker made out of a file cabinet.

On the way home however, we did make another stop in the adorable town of Dover Foxcroft at Butterfield's Ice Cream for some amazing homemade ice cream. I had Strawberry Cheesecake and Linz had some of the best Mint Chocolate Chip I've ever had.

Then we went home and I took a nap.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Accio Moolah!

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 I was looking at my Etsy Shoppe offerings the other day and sighed. It was doing well - better than I could have hoped. There's some really fun stuff over there and it's getting attention, but not as much as I wanted. How are we to quit our jobs, buy a Motel and live off our writing and Etsy income? I thought.

My wife walked by and said, "You should make some Harry Potter Light Switch Covers."

 "Yes, yes, dear. You love Harry Potter."  I said in my most Patronus-izing voice.

"No really - look at these ones on this site. People love Harry Potter!"

"I love Harry Potter too," I said, like every man that is married to a woman that loves Harry Potter would say if he ever wanted sweet, sweet loving again.

I eyed the competition. The four leaf clover shaped scar over my eyebrow furrowed. "Those kind of look like crap. What is that - neon fabric and glitter?"

"Exactly!" she crowed triumphantly.

"Exactly what?!?" I asked, Sirius Blackly.

"Look at their sales."

"Sweet pogo-sticking Dumbledore in the morning!" I said. ""Out of my way, Muggle - I have Switchplates to design! To the Fortress Of Smallitude!"

So now, in book two, my shop is doing better. my views are up and people really seem to dig my new items. Maybe a little part of my soul get's Avada Kedavra'd each time I make a HP plate instead of a scrimshaw carving of a schooner, but if it fills the vault and frees my house elves, I'll do it.

Check out all of the new Harry Potter Switch Plates at the Official Deeply Dapper Etsy Shoppe!

(Note - This post was written after I may or may not have inhaled a large amount of fumes from paint and melted plastic. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the zoo. Slithers and I have a game of cribbage to finish.)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Month, New Blog

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New Month, New Blog!

Not this one, The ROUS Motel shall continue to sporadically chronicle our lives and attempts to eventually see our dreams of owning a motel come true and in the meantime, fill space with pictures of our dogs. (Though I plan to start posting a few recipes too)

Instead, I refer to Lindsay's and my new blog, Rainy Day Writers! The new blog will feature articles from both of us, mostly focusing on our writing of kids books and our work making a little cash in the process, self pubbing and going the traditional route. So far I have one book out in the genre and I'm starting on book two and Lindsay is currently plugging away at a top secret project in the genre.

So click on through to the site with the bar below. Read, Comment and enjoy! (And rest assured that with my wife part of it, that the blog will be posted pretty regularly! haha)