Monday, May 18, 2015

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Life -  

 .... Once again, there's been a gap and much has happened! 

We are still living in Idaho, working on the shop and trying to get back to writing as well - I'm going to a lot of comic cons - about 1-2 a month and we are starting to get the house in order.

We lost Pooka to cancer just before Christmas, the rest of the furry kids are as crazy as ever.

Beyond that, it's just been us getting by, but we did take a great vacation with our new trailer and a few notable things that I'll try and get to on here in the coming weeks - writing in this blog had always been a great journal for our family and it often inspired me to write in my books too - I need to get back to that.

Also, I'm trying out a new format on the review site, and will start reviewing things on there again too. Yay!