Friday, June 12, 2009

June 11, 2009 - Michelle Obama Still Owes Me An Apology!

Life -

Last night, I had the nit picky customer call again, to check and see if I had changed the Stationary sign to Stationery. I snarkily responded that "Ironically, it hadn't changed" I don't think she got the joke. I wanted to ask her if she ever got her apology from Michelle Obama, but I figured I'd pushed it enough. (Amusingly, I just saw that if you type in "Michelle Obama Owes Me An Apology" in google, this blog is the first thing to show up after a few links to Ann Coulter.... I'm not sure if that's good or not.)

Another fun night at work last night, had a mentally unstable customer that has hated me inexplicably since the day she met me come in and every time she sees that it's me managing, she causes problems, makes messes, then refuses to let me ring her up. Instead, she asks me to bag the stuff so that she can buy it later. Ugh. Luckily, my hatred is stemmed by how much I pity her.

I also had a guy that in his own words was "Falling down $#itfaced drunk and just got done at the titty bar!" He claimed to be a famous author who had written a book whose title he could not recall, yet was shocked that I'd never heard of it. He was also unable to tell me his name... Not sure how I'll find it, but I totally want to read his book now! The famous author also offended my clerk by calling her "Woman" paid for an $.89 cigar with 3 quarters and lit up in the vestibule. He wanted me to call his agent in Colorado, but I figured that regardless of the truth in his delusions, no one wanted to be called at 3am, so I got him a cab instead. By the time the cab had gotten there, the fella was across the street harassing the road crew. Funny guy. Linz, who had just gotten off work and D, my night clerk were kind of freaked out by him, but he definitely had the "Harmless old drunk" vibe going, so I got a kick out of him. I guess I've gotten a pretty good Drunk-dar after working at Chevron and on Graves for so many years.

We bought a slightly spendy Humidifying fan setup at Home Depot yesterday, all sorts of pumped about the idea of cool, moist air filtering through our bedroom in the afternoons while we sleep, filled the reservoir only to have it start spewing from a huge crack in the lining... back to Home Depot it goes... Shoddy Workmanship. We'll probably pass on a second try too, I hate to bring it home just to have the next one faulty as well.

Overworked my ankle last night, I figured out a pretty efficient way of wearing my brace and a shoe that gives me some support and protection (And keeps my sock cleaner) but it apparently makes me cocky. I did a few things last night that turned into a bit of pain. That said, I was significantly more functional than I've been in weeks now.

Writing -

Finished the revision on my second to last chapter, just have the epilogue to re-write before a final edit and mailing it off.... Eeee!

Also read about a certain disease that could add a bit of vague plausibility to my zombie novel that is an approach that I haven't seen before to the best of my knowledge, so that's cool. And lets face it, for a zombie story, you really don't need any plausible causes, so its just an added plus!

The Last Sentence -
It seemed like she always got the crazies when she worked a double, regardless of whether it was the night shift or the overnight shift.

From Graves


Steve at Random said...

I started your first chapter...hope to finish this weekend. Like what I read so definitely are a talented writer and story teller, Mr. Rue McClanahan.

Steve at Random said...

Now I'm looking forward to chapter two...I sent you an e-mail so won't beg here as well.

randymeiss said...

Every time I read about your work experiences I get the "Zombie Novel" fixation. I can't wait to read that story. I imagine you will have a difficult time deciding how many and which ones of your "customers" you're going to use.

Received and read the 1st chapter of "Whispering Ferns." I agree its off to a great start and leaves me hungering for chapter 2.

Anonymous said...

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