Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 09, 2009 - Where was I?

Apparently, if I don't update this every day, my memory gets foggy and the days blend together...

Not a lot to report the last few days, we worked in our yard a bit, planting a couple of squash and some petunias, we tore out one of the dividing fences in a start on our private garden/entertaining area that we plan to assemble in the next few months (Ideally before my Brother In Law's wedding, just in case) It's been raining a lot, which I love.

It seems like there was something else that I'd planned on writing about, but it's slipped my mind now.

Typically, on my last day off before beginning my rotation on graves, I go to bed around midnight, sleep until around 2 am, just a kind of nap/re-energizer, then stay up the entire night until I go to bed the next afternoon. That way, I'm back in the groove, and my transition from human to night dweller goes much smoother. Unfortunately, Monday night, I somehow turned off my alarm when it went off, and I slept until almost 7 am. This made for a very difficult sleep yesterday and a rough night at work last night. I got around 3 hours of sleep total, and right now, I'm pretty loopy. Clearly, next week I'll have to use a louder or more jarring alarm. That's what I get for using Lindsay's phone with her super dorky, yet subtly cool Hedwig's Theme ringtone.

On the plus side, I worked the entire 11 hour shift and unloaded a truck at the end without using any wheelchairs or crutches, and only goofed off in a chair for a semi-large portion of the night! Perhaps this is a sign that my ankle is on the mend!

Writing -

Almost finished with my revisions on The Whispering Ferns, I still have the last chapter, and then I need to re-write and dramatically expand the epilogue/new last chapter. I also started thumbnailing my chapter heading sketches, which have proven both simple and difficult. I could crank out all 14 of them in a relatively short amount of time, but I want to draw the art with a different style than usual, and it's taking me a while to find my sea legs with it. (Of course, sleeping through my prime drawing time the other night didn't help...

Today's the 10th, I have 20 days before my finished manuscript, cover letter and possibly accompanying artwork needs to be in New York to meet the deadline. Allowing for shipping time, it's going to be tight. On the plus side, that allows no time for nerves and second guessing to eat at me!


Steve at Random said...

I haven't receieved my promised first chapter yet -

I hear you and Linz might be joining us at the cabins in mid-July. Hope you can make it work.

randymeiss said...

i got mine, muahaha

The Grows said...

Hey, I didn't get my first chapter. I will be expecting it.

Kristopher and Crew said...

We were kind of hoping for the cabins, but it sounds like they're pretty booked solid and we're still not sure about the timing. If nothing else, we're shooting for roundup at the least.

Be brutally honest with any feedback guys and gals. Any advice helps!