Friday, June 5, 2009

June 04, 2009 - Foggy Conditions

Life -

Today was a pretty fine day. Lindsay and I were both off, and we started the morning early, heading to Butterburrs for breakfast with the In-Laws and my Sis-In-Law, who was leaving that afternoon to meet her biological mother in California. Both of Lindsay's siblings are adopted, which I think is great. We don't plan on having kids, but if we ever decided to, we've discussed it a lot and would like to adopt, it's a good thing.

I'm more torn about the finding your biological parents aspect. While I can easily see the benefits, seeing where you came from, any hidden medical history, etc... I don't think I ever would. Of course, I think it's safe to say that my opinion is colored; I was raised by my mother with only a very small amount of input from my father, who then left us completely when I was 2. He has made a few half hearted attempts to contact me in the past, and frankly, I have no need to add those kinds of complications to my life. I appreciate that he wants to be a part of my life, but he wasn't there when we really needed him, so why should I go out of my way now, when I don't need him? Unless of course, he's got $70,000 he could loan us for a motel....

It's a completely different circumstance than finding your biological mother, but I'm pretty sure that it's why I have a hard time understanding why you would want to.

All the same, Marissa's BioMom sounds pretty cool. Laid back and a bit crazy, like Marissa and I hope her the best of luck on her quest. Not just because she's going to Southern California. Bleah.

After that, we hit the pet store and bought Ludo a new collar for his birthday. Our little boy is 3 years old! Which really means he should stop acting like a puppy... eventually.

He seemed to enjoy his birthday treats!
As did freckle-faced Pooka, who likes to have his brother soften the chewies up first, then steal them..

Apart from that, I spent some time editing wedding photos, in the hopes of having a CD of 'em for Marissa when she comes back through town in a week, and I worked on some ...

Writing -

During which, my wife made it clear to me why writing a dream sequence while in pain, suffering from cabin fever and hopped up on pain pills while it rains outside is a bad idea....

You write entire pages describing fog....

This time, he found himself on the same stump with three trees growing from it that he saw in one of his earlier dreams. He was standing on the stump, wearing his winter coat and new boots, with a faint breeze drifting through the trees. All around him, the undergrowth seemed over sized, with some of the ferns so large that they looked like they would tower over him if he was on the spongy forest floor instead of on the stump. There was fog too, drifting through the trees and plants, almost like a living thing. It rolled and twisted, sliding up over leaves, then slithering back down the stems like misty, insubstantial snakes. Thousands of them, too. The entire forest looked like it was being invaded by these sinuous gently gliding snakes of fog. As he stood on the stump, watching the fog roll below his feet, he was afraid to get off of the stump. What if the fog sensed him in it, wrapped around him and drug him down?

I go on like that for a full page and a half...

I have roughly 3 weeks to finish editing, revise the manuscript, do a second edit and revision and get it in the mail... it is gonna be tight.

The Last Sentence -

"The heat so hot that things seemed to shimmer in it and jungles so wet that your clothes could rot off of you."

From The Whispering Ferns


Steve at Random said...

Regarding the writing...I'm starting to prepare for my next Toastmasters speech on June 29. My subject is going to toilet paper ettiquette and the title "Whose roll is it anyway." If you want to help, can you answer some simple questions. When is the roll officially changeable...when it's completely out or when it has three or less squares left. Also should the paper hang over or under. And, what do you do if your a friend's house and you need to replenish the roll?

randymeiss said...

I'm a chronic cheap-skate so I make sure the last shred of tissue has been ripped from the roll before replacing. The paper DEFINATELY needs to hang over. It'm more accessible that way. At someone elses house I generally make every effort to relace the roll if necessary. Most people will have spares in a cupboard nearby.

Kristopher and Crew said...

I have tried desperately to train Lindsay to grab a new roll and put it on the windowsill when there's less than "a Wipe" left on the roll, but without fail, I walk into a bathroom with no TP. I typically prefer mine over, but if by some crazy chance, Lindsay replaces it and sets it the other way, I don't complain!