Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's A Dog's Life...

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Life - 

Today was my first day back at work after an abbreviated rotation, putting me on a better schedule for the holidays. Because it was only three days off, rather than my typical six, I was scrambling to do all of the things I don't do when I'm working, not to mention the additional drama that we've been dealing with. To that end, I slept very little and kept my night rotation, averaging less than four hours a night. Because our dogs are used to sleeping with us in the bedroom during the day/night, me sleeping so little and being home really threw off their groove. They spent most of the three days pouting and sighing sleepily. Poor guys.

It is officially COLD here. We had roughly three days of Autumn, before 'Ol Jack decided to move in. And I still have a pretty significant chunk of yard work to do.

Really, that's all I have to report today.

Book Reviews - 

by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan
2009, 401 pages

A stunning combination of new ideas and classic folklore  --  Suspenseful and Terrifying  --  Near Perfect  --  Can't wait for the next book in the trilogy!  --  Del Toro and Hogan's story create a beautiful and creepy image in your head


by Wayne Barcomb
2009, 309 pages

Stereotypical Characters in an Original Plot  --  Female Serial Killer!  --  Kind of boring  --  Russo, the main character is a bit too handsome to be realistic  --  Wine can be a pain in the butt in Barcomb's universe!


by John Sandford
1998, 384 pages

Sandford's character, Lucas Davenport feels grumpy and unlikeable  --  An obvious villain  --  Some great supporting characters  --  A weak entry in the "Prey" series  --  Far too much banking intrigue


by Lester Dent
2009, 248 pages

Intentionally despicable characters make life hard for each other and everyone else  --  Written in 1959, by the creator of Doc Savage, this is the first publication  --  Kind Of A Hardboiled Freaky Friday for the Whiskey and Dames set  --  Great period dialogue  --  Gorgeous Cover and Book Design


This was the first book I've received as a member of Hard Case Crime's mail order club, and it's so cool to get a classic crime rag in the mail every other month. The dictator is dead, long live Hard Case Crime!

Writing - 

Got a couple hundred words in, nothing much.

The Last Sentence - 

It's like a horrible, plus-sized nightmare!

From - "Graves" (WIP)

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Sherry said...

"It's like a horrible, plus-sized nightmare!" Sounds like laundry day here.

Gotta catch up to know more about the drama, but I hope it passes with relatively little damage.

More time off for holidays seems like a good thing. May the pain now bring sweet, sweet fruit cake in your future. Unless you hate fruit cake. In which case, may it bring something else. Personally, I've never had fruit cake, so I have no opinion on the subject.