Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bruise your knuckles on the blacktop, Jack

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Life - 
In a few brief hours, my wife and I will be on the road for a short vacation, scouting areas that we hope to transfer to in the next six months. Some are areas we've never been to, others ones that we've been through but would like to see better before moving. If anyone has any words of wisdom pertaining to the Longview/Kelso area or the Salem area in particular, let me know! We want to make as an informed decision about the towns as we can in a day or two each.

My dogs are not happy about the packing and prepping for a vacation...

I'll have internet access half of the time, so I'll try and update as I go!


Sherry said...

Good luck!
Have fun!
I know nothing!

...I just felt like keeping the excitement up with having the ! at the end. It stops here though.

La Chamuca said...

Hey, I'm a 3rd generation Oregonian! I've lived in the Portland area for 7 years, went to OSU and grew up in Southern Oregon.

I've probably been to every beach along the Oregon coast. Just email me if you want to know what certain towns are really like! nw0427[at]gmail.

P.S. Don't end up in Washington. Oregon's where it's at!