Saturday, October 10, 2009

One day closer.

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Life - 
Not a lot to report today, apart from the fact that I finally got a new phone yesterday, after an hour wait at the Verizon store, which would have been infinitely longer if the people in front of me hadn't gotten fed up and left. Thanks impatient people! Luckily, it gave me plenty of time to examine all of the phones and find one with the right amount of features and lack of cost. I ended up going with the Alias 2, which is notable primarily because it uses the same electronic ink technology as a Kindle or other E-Reader to change the key functions depending on what you're using the phone for at the time. It seems kind of gimmicky, but it works surprisingly well. The keys are easy to read and change really efficiently. What's nice about this is that it allows the phone to have larger keys and still have full functionality, something important for a thick fingered neanderthal such as myself.

We leave for Oregon in six days, I can't wait to flee this burg and see something new for a few days.

Writing - 
I'm at 52,000 words so far, and just wrote about an accidental shooting, a slow motion chase and what movie opened the week of October 27, 2007.

The Last Sentence - 

"In real life, Marlin? In real life we use people like that for bait."

From - "Graves" (WIP)


WordWrangler said...

I can't stand having to exchange or update my phone. It takes forever. I finally started doing my business with spring ONLINE. I research and order what I want. No standing in lines.

Makes me happy. ;)


Steve at Random said...

Can you post your blog when you're on your trip? As you know, I have no patience so don't want to wait a month for the serial installments. Also, I need a vacation but have no time off or money, so I have to take my vacations vicariously through my relatives.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Donna, I was really tempted to go the online route, but decided I wanted to chat with the person there and see the phones in person. After an hour I was reconsidering, but the salesperson actually sold me over the one I was considering and I'm glad she did, so there was an actual bonus, I guess. Still took too long though.


I hope we'll have access most of the nights, we're both bringing our computers to write while we're out there, though we aren't spending days relaxing in the room gazing at the ocean like last time. Sadly.

Sherry said...

I know nothing about that phone, but it sounds great. Mine's blue. That's about all I got.

Do have fun in Oregon! I think both you and your wife have earned a nice little trip/break.