Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hair Today, Oregon Tomorrow?

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Life - 
Man has the weather changed in the last two days. Tuesday, I was wearing shorts and contemplating mowing my lawn. Wednesday morning, we got near-freezing temperatures and snow in the mountains, along with a good chunk of rain in the valley. My mom's house started leaking where a windstorm had torn off her sattelite dish and a good chunk of the roof with it and our previously abundant and lovely tomato and squash plants got a pretty heavy dose of the cold weather.

After work, I MacGyvered a solution on the roof of my mom's, involving some tarp, a ladder, couple of boards and a rock or three. It aint pretty, but when the asbestos roofing is so old that it cracks with any weight or nails driven into it, I don't know that I have much choice. On the plus side, theer wasn't any water when I checked last night, so it may hold up for a while. After that, I got my hair cut. She ended up lopping almost 3 inches off of my hair. I'm always amazed at how much I have up there. I just knew that I had to wet it thoroughly to get my hat on, so it was time for a chopping.

We made some possible plans for moving out to the WA/OR area early next year and made a tentative itinerary for our trip out there in October as well. It should be fun. We aren't spending much time on the coast, but we're checking out an area we want to move to, a few other towns we've never been to and getting away from Idaho for a while. All good things.

This morning, after an even colder night, the town feels like winter. SO much for autumn. I'm pretty sure our plants are goners, though I've been too chicken to check. I guess we'll just have to hope that the squash we picked will ripen inside. For old times sake, here is what they looked like a few days ago, abundant and thriving!

That is a tomato by Lindsay there... Somewhere in the depths of it is a cage, long since dwarfed by the plant.

Writing - 

Wrote another couple of chapters, up to 45,000 words. Another 4,000 and it will be the longest book I've written. They're about to try and make a break for it, should be fun to write.

The Last Sentence - 

They shot a bazooka at it one time and it barely scratched the walls of this place.

From - "Graves" (WIP)


Steve at Random said...

Enjoyed having your inlaws visit...too bad we can't entice Linz and what-his-name to come east instead of west.

Sherry said...

Wow. Sudden weather changes aren't too terribly nice. Here, it got cold, then warm, then cold, and now it's pretty warm. I don't know if I should be taking out my winter clothes or not. It keeps changing and messing me up.

Have fun on your excursion to WA/OR. I hope you guys can find your dream town/house/shanty/castle.

Good work on your book! My longest is 6,350 words. Pathetic, I say! I really am proud to see that you are keeping up the writing! Although my longest comic is 27 chapters and 32,978 words. Slightly less pathetic, but not the same. Please keep up the hard work!! I can't wait to have to order it off line and get it shipped to here once it's published :D