Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn in Idaho = Winter

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Another Postcard by Barenaked Ladies

Life - 
We've been so busy lately that I've unintenionally kept up on my internet fast that I started a while back. I still check the basic pages, here, Mail, facebook, R3, the blueboards, but I rarely have time to do more than check the headlines and run, rarely making any comments.

A big part of that is work, we've got inventory tomorrow, just after a huge couple of shipments of Christmas crap, pile on an unreliable graves employee that has the flu and all I've really done for days is come home, eat a bit, take a long shower and go to bed, where I've slept fitfully.

I've very gradually been trying to get Halloween prepped and ready, but not much has been done. I've got the sinking suspicion that it may all have to happen on the 29th and 30th when I get off rotation again.

There's a lot of yard work that needs done too, some dead plants that are ready for the trash and a lot of summer-type objects literally chilling in the backyard. Unfortunately, we squandered the 2 days of Autumn weather we had and everything is all frozen, all the time.

On the "I accomplished something!" side though, I did clean up the half frozen dog poop in the yard today. This is a very good thing, as it's getting to the weather when our inbred fool of a dog, Pooka remembers how much he loves the.... taste? Texture? Scandal? of eating frozen dog crap, a little treat we call Poopsicles. This is something that needs nipping in the bud.

Writing - 

I wrote 748 words in the last two nights... Kind of sad, apart from the amount of work I got done at work to offset it.

The Last Sentence - 

We're gonna need at least two people up here, folks that can make it up and down this ladder fast.

From - "Graves" (WIP)


WordWrangler said...

Poopsicles? how yummy. I am glad to say my dog doesn't feel the need to indulge in such, um, delicacies.

And unlike all her canine cousins, she doesn't like to eat her own barf, either. Of course, she's never tried it frozen...

Thanks for the laugh today. Hope you get caught up on your work!


btw - love the "now playing" music. BL are great!

Sherry said...

Sorry about all the work! Hopefully it'll chilly out soon and you can get back into the swing of not working 25 hours a day.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Thanks, Donna! I love the Barenaked Ladies too, and they are amazing live. Our other dog Ludo is great about that kind of thing, he only like delicious human food and his dog food. He doesn't even like you to catch him while he's outside doing his duty. Pooka will pretty much only eat something if it's disgusting.

Sherry, I think my only hope for reprieve is post Christmas or a lottery win...