Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Yellow Poster Goo Of Doom!

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Save My Soul  by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Life - 

Last night was my first off of this rotation, thank goodness, it seemed to take a VERY long time to get here. How did I celebrate? I watched the last half of a movie called "The Holiday" and learned that the yellow gummy stuff that they sell for poster hanging? After a few years in the package, it becomes a different substance entirely. I tried taking a glob of it to hold something in place while I made a simple frame and within minutes had all of my fingers, part of the table and my pants covered in a liquid that was both sticky and solid at the same time.

Fought with it for around 20 minutes before I started panicking, picturing my wife finding me, cocooned in a horrible yellow web, a wobbly bubble where my mouth and nose used to be.  Napkins didn't work, scraping didn't, water just made it angry! Eventually, after manically slapping it as it rolled down my forearm, I realized that it could be formed into a semi-solid form by rapidly slapping it against itself. Fifteen minutes later, I had yellow under my fingernails and red palms, but finally, I'd defeated the monster.

Never did build my bracket.

I did get the compressor from my dear friend Laura this morning and we ran our first test run in the garage. I love the WebCaster. LOVE IT.

It's easy, fun, looks GREAT and should be relatively simple to clean up.

Check this out, keeping in mind that 3/4 of the webs can't be seen in the picture, it looks swell in real life.

It's gonna take some practice to calibrate the air and the webbing, but it should eventually be easier and look much better than that old-school cotton rubbish.

Click for bigger, by the way.

Writing - 

Nothing yesterday, sadly, but I'm heading upstairs right now to dive in.


randymeiss said...

Sounds like the Halloween preparations are coming along nicely. Great choice of music BTW. I love Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Sherry said...

I admit - The Holiday is in my top 5 'love' story movies...of course I can only name 3 (and one is a stretch) so I'm not sure that statement means much.

Based on crappy pictures, that web stuff must look great. I look forward to living vicariously through the Halloween party pictures again this year.

Sorry to say this, but that was a great attack of the 2 year goop story. The imagery was pretty good. I must honestly admit that I've never had an experience like that. Never. Although I'm not sure that's a good thing yet...

Kristopher and Crew said...

Love 'em too, Randy! SO upbeat and fun.

Sherry, I liked the movie okay, I would have liked it better if Diaz had been a better actress in the last scene where she's crying, then giggling then runs like... 3km in heels. That and the fact that it was 140 minutes long.... seriously? A movie needs trolls and quests to be that long.

What are your other movies?

I'm not a panicker, but I actually did freak out a bit with that yellow glop.

Sherry said...

I like to ignore that last bit from Diaz. Mostly I like Winslet and Black's part. Law is good too, but Diaz just doesn't really do it for me. I must agree with you on that part. Haha, I think trolls and quests would have improved the movie greatly. We all know Surrey is actually full of them. They should have made an appearance.

1) Love Actually
2) The Princess Bride
3) The Holiday
4) Monster House
...wait a minute...