Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ruminations on my upcoming stint in Rehab.

Rehab, you ask?

Yeah, pretty much. For the next week, I am entering into a self-imposed internet free zone.

Every day, I visit a huge number of sites, from celeb gossip, art sharing, writer's support groups, Lego builders clubs, Gadgets, how-tos, news, blogs, comics, anything you can shake a hat at really. Sometimes, it takes me so long to circle through my daily stops that I start back over because new stuff has been posted by then. I also get off on mad tangents when researching things. I spent 2 hours yesterday, initially looking into the Webspinner Gun that I bought, but that turned into a barrage of do it yourself Halloween stuff, decor hints, party ideas, playlists... It's silly sometimes.


It takes up too much of my time, time that should be spent writing or drawing, or playing with my dogs. I figure the best way to combat this is to stop, mostly cold turkey, with a few rules and caveats -

- I will still update this blog, respond to comments, etc...

- Email will still be checked and people responded to, but Threadless and the Lego catalog, emails like that go right into the trash, unread.

- I will likely be unable to resist visiting the GodSite, R3. This is something that I've cut back on anyway, but there is no resisting it.

- I'll still use the internet for writing reesearch, Wiki, Thesaurus, etc, but I will not allow myself on any tangents. Get in, get a synonym for Brain Matter, get out.

- I am allowing myself one trip to Facebook each day too. Primarily because it's the only way I ever communicate with my friends and family.

This is gonna be rough, especially tomorrow, when I typically stay up for 24 hours and the last few are spent in a zombie-like haze, surfing obscure urban legends sites and looking at photos of horribly tentacled beasties and bugaboos. I think it will be worth it though. The internet is a powerful tool, but I need to start using it like a tool, not an entertainment mecca.

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it!

By the way, for those fellow bloggers out there, do any of you know where the spell check function went on the new Posting format screen? Firefox catches a lot of errors, but not all...

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Steve at Random said...

Watching football today and saw a promo for a new Woodie Harrelson movies about Zombies. Did you write the screen play?