Monday, September 21, 2009

Book Reviews - New Format

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Book Reviews - 

OoohErr, that's a crooked photo....

I've decided to do something new with the format of my book reviews. They take me a while to write up usually, and I'm typically pretty "Meh" about them anyway, so from now on, until it's no longer the case, of course, I'm using a new review format. I'll integrate them into my regular updates and instead of a paragraph or so, I'm going to list five adjectives or brief phrases to describe the book, much like you see on the blurbs for bestsellers. Then, if I have any notes, I'll make them, followed by the overall rating. I think this will be a fun way to do the reviews and it may spill over into movies and music too.

I also like this format because it keeps the book pretty vague, but you get an idea of what I thought, while forcing me to start expanding the adjectives I use, hopefully helping my writing too.

Let me know what you think!

By James Patterson
2002, 404 pages

Twisty Plot -- Iffy Ages of Villains  --  Page-Turner  --  Neatly Wrapped Up  --  Too Neat, Maybe


By Brad Thor
2006, 441 pages

Terrorismistic!  --  Human Main Character  --  Entertaining  --  Easy to Hate Villains  --  Maybe Too Easy, Terrorism in New York Seems Like An Easy Target

Notes - This was the first Brad Thor book I've read, and I enjoyed it a lot, though I thought the Hoorah - I Heart NY attitude was a bit overblown. I'll have to find some more of his stuff.


by David Ellis
2003, 390 pages

Lawyers and Politics, yet I liked it!  --  Good End Twist  --  Outlandish  --  Fuzzy On Some Details  --  Deja Vu?

Notes - For some reason, I found myself certain that I'd read this book before somewhere, but until recently, I've never really read legal thrillers of any kind. The scene with the bedroom and the skinned knees especially seems familiar... maybe it's a movie too?


By Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
1996, 274 pages

Miami Based Female P.I.  --  Many References To Cuba  --  Good Story and Plot  --  Appealing Characters, many moreso than the Main Character  --  Did I mention that they talk about Cuba a Lot? I Mean A LOT!


Life - 

Still trying to decide on a costume for the Brain Eaters, but my brother and I may team up and wear the same costume. Watch out, world!

Rode my bike home from work today... It's not much of a commute, especially by my friend's in SF's standards, but for a fat guy riding uphill most of the way, for the first time since last summer, I'm pretty happy with my time. And I plan to do it again tomorrow, that's important part.

Writing - 

Another chapter, that's about it. Linz and I have been talking though, and we think it would be a good idea during revisions, to divide the chapters by characters, rather than in soryline and revise that way. It should be easier to stay in character and make sure I carry over thoughts and quirks of language.

The Last Sentence - 

I see nothing human in his gaze, but it's hauntingly beautiful.

From - "Graves" (WIP)


Steve at Random said...

Brief is good and I think you still get your point across...also glad to hear you're riding your bike. I'm not riding mine, but I did get it down this summer and Craig -- one of my brother Gene's grandsons -- rode it while he was visiting us over Labor Day.

randymeiss said...

I love the new format. Very clever. Have you read any of John Grisham's books? I didn't think I'd like lawyer books either, but Grisham is not bad.

Sherry said...

Agreed, I like the new format.

Also, nice job on riding the bike. Especially uphill. I was told I couldn't ride my bike to work because of the bridge. You take that uphill bike ride and you teach it who's boss (you are boss, just so you know). How long is your commute?

The Grows said...

Yeah, you should try Grisham, Mark loves them. I think he has read almost all of his. Also great job with the bike riding. I need to get a bike so that I can ride it too. At least when we go to the park I walk and push Lexi in the stroller and it is up hill all the way home.

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