Saturday, September 26, 2009

A pretty decent day

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Life - 
Quite an interesting day yesterday. We woke up early, just before seven, with a lot of things planned. Ate a little breakfast, wrote a bit, prepped a crock pot for dinner, then we headed out on the town. We ate at Mama Inez, a local "American Mexican Food" restaurant. We eat there every other week on Fridays, when they have their fajitas special. Their food is good, though not super Mexican. They have a dish called the Cheese Crisp however, that is unlike anything we have ever found in other towns. Thick flour tortilla chips, three cheeses, some sort of creamy enchilada sauce... Very good.  When we lived in Missoula, we attempted to replicate it with very little success.

After that, we dropped our leftovers off at my work so that we wouldn't have to drive back home (Which I just realized that I forgot to pick up last night...) and went to the local Catholic Bookstore. My wive's family is Catholic and she was raised in the religion, though neither of us are practicing anything. We do both have a lot of interest in religious items, being history fans. We were there yesterday for a bit more of a nefarious reason; my brother and I are going as Catholic Priests for Halloween (Easy costume, super comfortable) and we bought a couple of props for the costume there.

From there, we headed directly to Idaho Falls, fifty miles to the North. Idaho Falls is like a richer, more conservative, snootier version of Pocatello. They have some better stores, like Target and Barnes  & Noble, but as a general rule, we aren't fans of the people there. Most have a holier-than-thou attitude. Anyway, we did a bit of shopping at a few craft stores, checked out the mall and hit a movie before heading home.

The two high points were without a doubt, Target and the theatre. Target has some great Halloween stuff this year, a line called Haunted Heraldry, with crowned skulls and medieval style designs and a line for kids with gloopy monsters in bright colors. We didn't buy anything, but I very seriously considered quite a few items.

I love the theatre in Idaho Falls. It's an Edwards Theater, fourteen screens. It has a grandeur to it, with it's giant lobby and wide seat that the one in Pocatello doesn't pull off. They were also showing the movie 9, which the Carmike in Poky declined to show. Great movie and we had the theater essentially to ourselves at 2:30 in the afternoon.

After that, the evening went a bit off the rails, there was a bit of drama with one of Lindsay's friends, but we still managed to have some excellent Corned Beef. We were both in bed by 11pm, which is why I'm now up at 6am... this could be a long day.

Movie Reviews - 

I've decided to review movies and things on here too, in the same format as my book reviews. And while I REALLY wanted to give "9" a nine, I figure that I should change to a five out of five rating, since I post five blurbs too.


Directed by Shane Acker
Starring the voices of Elijah Woods, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer, John C. Reilly
2009, 79 minutes

Gorgeous visuals  --  Evocative Danny Elfman Score  --  Brilliant Design and Non-Stop Action Sequences --  Giant Robot Apocalypse!


Directed by Nancy Meyers
Starring - Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law
2006, 138 mins.

Predictable  --  Light-Hearted  --  Cute, But Over-Long  --  Diaz is Stiff and Over-The-Top at the same time  --  Winslet's side story with the old screenwriter stole the film


Writing - 
Wrote a chapter last night, I'm up to over 36,000 words in Graves.

The Last Sentence - 

"Aren't we?"

From - "Graves" (WIP)

(I never claimed that the Last Sentence would be a thrilling one...)


Sherry said...

That sounds like a good day!
Also, another bonus for the costume is all the alter boys you can get. It's like having a small boy child geisha.

I really want to see that stuff from Target now. They have some pretty cool stuff here, but not on the same level I'd wager.

I think I must see 9 now. I wonder if it'll come out here. Oh well. If it doesn't, DVD-time.

Winslet totally stole the show. I think her bits were the best. There's just something so cute about them. The old man scenes were the best. Not to mention they spoke of Cary Grant who is just about my favorite actor of all time so they automatically win.

The Grows said...

What do you mean? Aren't we? could mean so many things. Aren't we dead? Aren't we going to kill her? Aren't we going to have pizza for dinner. I am on the egde of my seat.

Kristopher and Crew said...

9 is spectacular, the only animated movie I've enjoyed better recently was Coraline. Frankly, Sherry, If they'd cut the entire Diaz half the movie would have been rated significantly higher and been a better length.

B, you are clearly the perfect audience for my upcoming book of vague questions!