Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some general tidying up before the weekend begins

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Life - 

My first day off of work is always an interesting one. It's called a day "Off" but realistically, I worked the entire night previously, including around eight hours on my day "Off" so that first day can be spent one of two ways, sleeping the entire time, or attempting to enjoy it. Now, I have a tendency to not mess about when I nap, either they last 15 minutes or 4 hours, no in between, really. So instead, I just stay up and try to get a few non-brain-taxing things done.

I burned a few CDs, played with my computer a bit, went through part of a box of magazines that I've moved to three different houses now, all happily resting in the trash pile now. I did a few dishes, read my book, watched parts of some really bad horror movies (Hobbs End & HatchetMan) generally stayed in a light haze of zombieism the entirety.

I did manage to track down and order the gelatin and chocolate brain molds that I'm gonna need for the Brain Eaters party this year, after I inadvertantly melted my old molds in the oven last fall. We're going to try and go a bit more "Proper" this year with the party, some more refined snacks, a few clever displaying methods, maybe. Then again, either way, it will probably just end up being a bunch of drunks in funny costumes.

Either way, no masks for me this year, no facial hair or wigs either. I've decided that as great as those kinds of costumes are, they're too much of a hinderance when playing host. Eventually I'll find a balance between elaborate and cool and efficient and comfortable but for now, we'll err on the side of easy.

I spent the morning today hacking away at the back end of my property, where the weeds have taken over. You know you're in for a fight when the stems are too thick for the weed whacker to penetrate. Looks like I'm gonna have my hands full getting things ship-shape before Autumn. Luckily, the trimmer ran out of line before I'd gotten too exhausted, so  took Strontium to get a much needed vaccuum and bath. He looks pretty good, though I need to get his interior wiped down and there's a few bugs on the hood and roof that even the pressure washer wouldn't get off. I'll have to look for something at the store that can get it off without damaging the finish. Damned Montana bugs.

I also stopped and looked at the new Nissan Cube at the dealer behind the car wash. Funky little car. It sits a lot lower than the Element and is certainly more towards the luxury end of things as far as boxy cars go, six CD changer, carpet, plush seats, goofy water drop design celing... I did like the loading door and the fact that the rear bank of seats slides back and forth, and they have a cup holder just beyond where your hand sits to the left of the steering wheel, a great location, but everything else, the Element does much better, in my opinion. It has a sexy forest green color though...

Need to make a menu today, plan out or meals for the next few weeks and pay bills. Blah.

Writing - 
Uhh... nothing, even less than last time, though I did edit to current on Lindsay's novel.

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