Friday, September 11, 2009

More personalities than you can shake a wand at...

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Man, today has been an odd day. Possibly the strangest sleeping schedule ever. Last night, around 7, I decided that a nap was in order, as I'd gotten only a tiny bit of sleep the night before. Linz decided to joing me and we slept for around an hour. When the alrm sounded, I made the clearly sleep-addled suggestion to sleep for a bit more, rather than getting up and eating dinner.

Around 1:30am, we woke back up. I have a tendency to get pretty pissed off at wasted time sleeping, when I could be doing anything but, and the fact that my hour nap had turned into six and a half was not high on my list of things I love. It did however, allow us to go out and do our shopping at Wal-Mart (Hate) and WinCo (Love) at a time when the only real opposition to our shopping enjoyment were stockboys and maintenance grandpas.

After spending far more money than I'd planned, but getting some much needed car cleaning supplies and enough groceries for a few weeks, we hit up the local 24-hour mexican drive-thru. Most towns have 'em, they're usually named a bastardized, rhyming version of Albertos or Rodolbertos. Ours is currently named Rolbertos, and is manned that time of night by a Hispanic man with interesting, though typically sullen features. Tonight/thismorning/last night however, he was kind of friendly, and got most of our order correct, a real oddity. He also popped out of the window after giving us our food, holding three pens in the air.
"You can have a free pen! What color do you want?"
Naturally, I chose the green. He gave me a huge smile and my wicked-sweet free pen.

The best part about it? it has the cities of the two local Rolbertos, Pocatello and Blackfoot, with their phone numbers next to each. It also has the slogan "The best Mexican Food in town"
It does not, however, have the name of the restaurant on the pen anywhere. We like to think this is some sort of delicious ploy to get people to call and order, long before ever seeing the place. Bravo, "The best Mexican Food in town," bravo!

After we ate, we put away our groceries and I was conned into going back to bed. At this point, it was around 6:30am. We woke back up again around 8:15 and despite being kind of groggy/sleepy, I've managed to stay awake since, though my eyes are pretty heavy right now....

After we got up and started a crock pot of Chicken Chowder, we headed out on the town and did a bit of shopping. We freaked out the employee at Home Depot - he actually took a step back when we said we werre looking for a few items for jewelry making, it was hilarious. We hit up the Halloween displays in a few stores, hoping for some inspiration about our upcoming Halloween party, possibly the last Brain Eaters.

A couple of notes regarding Halloween and shopping in Pocatello, ID -
-ShopKo apparently thinks they're a classy Halloween boutique, with costumes averaging $70 and reaching over $150 for some. SOmething tells me they're gonna have a LOT of leftovers, come November.

-The Party Palace continues it's rein of awesome sauce, with the best rentals, a huge selection of decor and the item I'm most excited about this year, the Webspinner Gun, more on this later, likely after I buy it and play with it for a while. The owners of The Party Palace are really cool too, kind of crazy and fun. They plan to build an actual castle to house the store, complete with moat. Right On.

-TJ Max? Bah.

-Sierra's Crafts and Frames had a few cool ideas, but focuses Waaaay too much on cheesy kids autumn decor. Am I the only one that gets an uncontrollable urge to kick those little kid mannequins that look like they're playing hide and seek in the butts?

- The Halloween BOOtique. Fun store, with great help and lots of interesting costumes. I'm always intriqued by how much work the designers of costumes must follow trends. I like this place because they have a lot of decent quality movie makeup stuff. Lindsay found a costume for this year and they are carrying the skeletal lawn flamingos again this year, which is spectacular, I wanted some last year but forgot until after they closed.

-JoAnne Fabric had a few thinsg, but nothing worth being too excited about.

After that, we hit a few other shops, bought a tiny Ball Peen hammer and ate some chowder at home.

We also hit dinenr with my mom and bro for a belated birthday meal, at Ruby Tuesdays. Good food, but as usual, I felt like it was overpriced.

Writing - 

Managed to get a pretty good chunk of editing done on Graves, I hope to spend the next two days getting to the halfway point.

The Last Sentence - 

It would be easier to keep everyone calm without whatever was left of Brian staring them in the face.

From - " Graves " (WIP)


Steve at Random said...

So you dropped a hint, but gave no details. Why is the probably the last Brain Eaters party? Is this another serial, which I despise. Since you didn't include the answer, I guess I'm free to surmise. Could it be: Halloween is falling out of vogue, now that you hit the big 31? Or is it, Next year, we'll come up with a new theme for Halloween? Or maybe, this year you actually will be eating brains so next year why not move on to Kidney Eaters? I dunno.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Hahahah No, We're planning the move to Washington by the time Halloween rolls around next year, motel or not. Halloween will never go out of vogue with me, not while the blood of a demon runs through this frame!

We may have a Halloween party there, but it's unlikely that I'll have found 40-60 crazy drunks by then to attend.

Steve at Random said...

I thought you were moving out to the Dakotas to be closer to Teddy Roosevelt's Cabin and Mount Rushmore...not to mention me. We don't have a town called Washington, but we do have a collection of homes on the western front of the state called Beach. I spent an eternity there in just six months. So did my brother Randy, who there less for only a couple of months. Go east, young man, go east. We've got motels here. We also have a huge beach...the one that surrounds Lake Sakakawea. If you want humdity, we have that, too.