Thursday, March 5, 2009

Book Review - LOST LAKE by Phillip Margolin

Lost Lake by Phillip Margolin
2006, 452pgs

In 1985, a congressman is brutally tortured and murdered in the summer home of a powerful general. His daughter was in the home as well, and tells the officer that responds to her screams that he was killed by a man named Carl Rice, her ex-lover, a member of the non-existent Unit, a top team of assassins and soldiers. Carl Rice disappears somewhere along the shores of Lost Lake....

Twenty years later, struggling artist and attorney, Ami Vergano's new lodger, a transient furniture maker that calls himself Ryan Morelli loses control at her sons little league game in Portland Oregon. Two men are injured, and Morelli is shot. Soon, Ami finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue that includes a top secret organization that may not be real, a delusional newspaper writer, whose father is a powerful general and may just be the next president.

Lost Lake was a pretty good story. I really felt that most of the characters were believable, and Margolin knows how to describe a scene with just enough detail for you to picture it, but not so much that you get bored reading details. Although you know from the beginning, he still does a good job at keeping the suspense going in regards to the Unit, whether it exists, and who Ami can trust. Pretty fun stuff.


On a side note, I think the wording on the cover blurb is kind of amusing.... so he wrote Gone, but did not write Forgotten?

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