Thursday, March 12, 2009

House For Sale Part II

Reading back over the last post, I realized that I got a bit off topic, considering it was meant to be a post about our recent work on the house, and I started it with a story about a car wreck from years ago....

Oh well, it'll get there eventually. Besides, I think everyone needs an image of a hot pocket and change flying around the cabin of a car as glass shatters around it.
The Theater Room, decorated in the previous owner's dead things.

Our house, which oddly, I just realized I never really called a "Home" when referring to it, was in pretty good shape, it just had a few little things that needed done to make it ours. Both of the basement bedrooms were painted for kids, one with purple and yellow handprints all over the wall, and one in bright blue and red colors (It was Spider-Man's room according to the sign on it when we viewed the house...) and the basement family room, soon to be our Theatre room, was a plain white.
The Library room, before painting.

We re-painted the handprint room, choosing a nice neutral warm brownish tan, with a brick red trim that we then turned into our oriental themed Library.
The Library, shortly after painting, still cluttered with moving crud.

We re-painted the Theatre room a cool blue-grey, and then, we decided to hold off for a while and get moved in before Lindsay had to take off for school in Missoula. Somehow after that, apart from a few little upgrades, things kind of just stayed as they were. We left the Spider-Man room, now Linz's Craft Room red and blue, and we left the bathroom painted in a dark whorish red, despite us both hating it, and thinking it made the bathroom far too tiny feeling.
The Spider-Man Room, before we moved in.

I'm not sure why we stopped working on the improvements we had planned, I think we just kind of became comfortable and complacent. Got a couple of cats, and 2 big dogs, planted a garden that was easily devoured by the voracious evil weeds we had in the back garden area....

Eventually, we decided that we wanted to buy and run a motel. Ideally, the best way to dive into that would be to sell our house at a profit, and use the proceeds to dive in. To that end, we started a list, walking off each room and writing down any changes, improvements and work that needed done. It was a long list. It's truly amazing how little things pile up over the months, we found a page or two of things that needed done in every room, from simple things like filling some nail holes, to completely ripping out the kitchen floor and replacing the ugly scarred pink linoleum with something that didn't invoke horror.
Ludo, chilling on the scarred up kitchen floor.

It was going to be a lot of work....

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