Sunday, March 15, 2009

Book Review - THE CLOSERS by Michael Connelly

2005, 447 pages

Up until recently, I'd never read anything by Michael Connelly, though when I picked up the first book of his I read, The Lincoln Lawyer, I got the feeling that I'd heard his name before somewhere. Turned out, he is a respected writer of mystery and thrillers, and I enjoyed his style quite a bit.

The Closers features his most well known detective, Harry Bosch, returning to the force after a few years in retirement. He joins the Open/Unsolved force, and begins picking at long healed wounds, attempting to use a bit of DNA on an old case to uncover the fate of a long dead girl, stolen from her home and killed on the hills beyond. As he struggles to follow cold leads, Harry and his partner uncover something darker, a conspiracy that leaves the detectives unsure who to trust, and whether the truth is worth exposing.

I really enjoyed The Closers. It was tightly plotted, and while some of the twists were apparent, there were enough left that you kept turning the pages. Harry Bosch is a great character, full of quirks and attitude, and someone you would want on your case. I really liked the secondary characters in this story, the mother, who has left her daughter's room untouched for 17 years, was especially moving to me, her grief and hope that some day, her baby's killer would be found.


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