Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Whispering Ferns!

My new and improved cover.

This is very exciting. As of right now, my kids book, The Whispering Ferns, is available on eBook from Smashwords! and Barnes & Noble! It should be available shortly on Amazon too, it just takes a bit longer to appear on the sites than I'd suspected. (One of the many things I've learned about self-publishing a book - Be Prepared and Be Patient!)

I'm not doing a lot of promotion for this release, mostly just plugging it here and there, partly due to time, but also just to see what kind of attention it takes to sell a Self-Published kid's novel. Do I have to do blog tours and post blurbs on every site from here to Timbuktu? Either way, it's been fun so far and it's just beginning.


randymeiss said...

Bravo Sir! I've got my own copy on my computer screen right now. I already heartily approve of the beginning. The cover is fantastic. Smith looks just as I pictured him.

Kris said...

Excellent! I hope you enjoy it, Randy.

And feel free to give it positive reviews on Barnes and noble and the like if you do... ;)