Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Album - Strontium

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Slack Key Lullaby by Ledward Kaapana

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 This was Strontium, my second Honda Element. A gorgeous shade of green, I really loved that rig. (Look how little Pooka is in that photo!)

He took up all over the west, from barren stretches of Eastern Montana to the sopping wet beaches of Oregon and Washington. We set up a pretty effective camping method inside of him and I just plain loved the color.
Pretty? Nah. Organized? Not really. Cozy? Awww yeah!

Sadly, Strontium met his end on a fateful trip to Leavenworth, Washington, where he was t-boned by a truck that I misjudged the speed of as I pulled out of a driveway. (On my best buddy's wedding day. With him in the car with me. And I was supposed to be the minister that day.)

We miss ya, Strontium!
We've since purchased a new Element, number three, Stormalong, which is a vivid orange-red.



Steve at Random said...

I've been the proud owner of several cars and never named any of them. Would you care to explain why you do this or why everyone should? Seems like an interesting topic for another blog.

Kris said...

I just always have named my vehicles... named my bikes too. I think it may have stemmed from my cousin Deby naming her car Indy, but I hadn't really thought about it! You're right... this will be a new blog topic soon!