Friday, April 8, 2011

At Last

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 It's been a vaguely eventful week or so here at the ROUS house. Spring has finally arrived in a slightly long-term form. The snow is starting to melt into rivulets of cold water washing out my driveway and out back, we can start to spot signs that there is indeed grass back there somewhere beneath the arctic floes.

Yesterday, we took a really nice walk with the dogs, the first in a good long while. (Since Ludo hurt his paws, actually.) There aren't really many dog-friendly places around here to take them during the winter, so the poor guys have been cooped up for far too long. Ludo about bust a gasket when we put his harness on him, I didn't think he'd ever stop wagging his tail. Unfortunately, unlike back in Idaho, where we were spoiled to have a large park, wide sidewalks and a gorgeous walking path within a brief stroll from our front door, we have to travel out here to find a place, so that's our goal, to find a conveniently located place that we can comfortably walk our kids.

The road outside our house is out of the question, there's no walkway and the fools around here go speeding past so quickly that I feel unsafe checking my mail, let alone walking two large dogs. Walks are supposed to be relaxing. Luckily, Linz remembered a more secluded looking road a couple of miles further down that we had driven along when we visited the cemetery in the area. It's not the best, it still has a few jerky motorists, but the road is wide and relatively untraveled, and there's a few rural farm sites, so Ludo can salivate at the geese and chickens.

And better yet, just a few blocks down the road, we found an old logging trail. Who's to say it wont be used this summer and chase us elsewhere, but for now, it's perfect. It's not too steep, not too rugged and it's blocked from motorized traffic. It was half snow this time around, but that will change soon, and that's why we used some of our tax return on some Bean Boots, so we don't have to worry about icy puddles!

On another "Finally" note, tomorrow morning, I take my PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) exam. I've been studying off and on the last three days and I feel vaguely more confident than I did a few months ago. My weak spot  is clearly going to be the drugs and usages. I have the math and history pretty well down, but it's hard to grasp the generic forms and usual dosages of something that I have no real day to day contact with. It's an area that my position is really hurt by taking the test when we are in a management position, not a pharmacy one.  So wish me luck. I don;t have all of my hopes and dreams riding on passing, but it sure would be a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Speaking of huge weights, we decided to get me a desk for my art and sculpting and lego assemblies, in an attempt to keep our sparse counter space in the kitchen free from little yellow men and pieces of paper. So we found a nice one at Goodwill for a great price, only $25. It has deep drawers and is in pretty good shape, and is quite sturdy.

And weighs something like 100,000 pounds! I've never had such a difficult time moving a piece of furniture in my entire life, and that includes the time I moved a half-full washing machine down a flight of too thin basement steps by myself. I thought I was going to die by the time I got the steel behemoth inside, and that was after taking off most of the doors in between and bruising the linoleum in a few places. But man, it's nice having a desk again, if only to have a place to organize all of my Deeply Dapper things.

And Ludo likes it -

Writing - 
I actually have something exciting to announce here! I don't have a firm date yet, but I've decided that, although I'm still working on a different version of it, written from Smith's point of view with some more humor and action, that I will release the original version of THE WHISPERING FERNS in eBook form sometime in the next month or so. I'm not making too big of a deal of it, or promoting it too heavily, but I think the version is a lot of fun and there's a market out there for fans of old-school children's mysteries and adventures.

I should have a cover finished in the next couple of weeks and a release date not too soon after. Stay tuned!

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Steve at Random said...

Good to see a blog post from you guys. I can relate to the miserable winter you had and the nasty drivers. It makes you appreciate spring that much more. And, for the record, I liked Whispering Ferns...the original.

randymeiss said...

Good luck on your exam. I imagine now you have a desk, you can finally post the final installment of your death start construction?