Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Plans For The Future

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My adoring fans.
 So, though I'm now a Self-published author, with all of the fame and acclaim that comes with it, (None) I still have time to think about how I could be doing things better, or at least more effciently. Since a few months ago, when I split my blog off into a few factions, it's been a lot easier to post, and though I find myself posting less frequently, I seem to have attracted a few more readers by having a theme to the site they visit.

It's this frequency thing I plan to remedy, or try to, anyway. I've noticed a lot of bloggers have themed blogs each week, like Beard Of The Week, or Thursday Thoughts. It seems to work well for them and their readers seem to enjoy that kind of thing. So I sat down with a piece of paper and a pencil and mapped out a tentative plan for my posting... Let me know if you'd like to see anything different!

And remember, The Whispering Ferns is available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and the corrected version is up on Amazon too! And it's only three bucks!

Saturdays - Photo Post -
This will be one of my "gimme" days, when I'll post a photo I've taken in the past and comment on it, or tell a story related to it.

Wednesdays - Weekly Update -
What's been happening in our lives, whether that's work, pets, road trips or random thoughts.

Sundays - Retro Sundays -
A time to share some of my favorite classic photos and videos from the past, when colors were black and white.

Tuesdays - Self Publishing Thoughts -
This is where you'll go if you're interested in publishing your own novels, or seeing how mine is going. I'll promise full disclosure and only a little bit of self-doubt.

Fridays - Wag The Blog -
A spotlight on other authors, editors and sites that I find diverting or inspiring.

Saturdays - The Weekly Update
Stories about Moonstone Bay, Character Profiles, News, Legends of the Northwest, drawings and more.
This website will be geared more towards the readers of my Moonstone Bay series, and will be all-ages.
Mondays - Art Sharing/Updates
Mondays will be the day to hit up Deeply Dapper for pics of works in progress, past pieces and things now available in the Etsy shoppe.

Thursdays -  1,000 Words, Abridged.
A chance to share a piece of art or art process that I find inspiring, impressive or just plain cool.

Reviews Of Unusual Size will continue to offer up the ROUS style of reviews on everything from books and movies to restaurants and Legos on a regular basis from a number of contributors.

  Lindsay Kiernan will update her site whenever she feels like it, and it is not my place to question when or how often that may be... But I'd like to see more installments of "Like The Used To..." immediately!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about having themed posts. I see many bloggers writing them (although I don't know if I can maintain more than one blog).

Your fans are adorable.

Deeply Dapper said...

Yeah... I don't know what I'm thinking having so many stinking blogs. I'm not the only contributor to Reviews Of Unusual Size and Deeply Dapper, and my wife writes her blog, but still. hahah

And those fans are only adorable when I'm holding something delicious.

Anonymous said...

Kris, just wondering. Did you apply for your own copyright? If so how long did it take to get it. It seems like this is a requirement from several e-pubs and I was wondering if you did the same self-publishing.

Like the them idea:)

Anonymous said...

Uh, oops, like the theme idea :)

Kris said...

Catherine, I did not apply for any certain copyright, per se, realistically, the words "Copyright Kristopher, 2011" should be sufficient for any kind of intellectual property like a book or piece of art. I mean, copyright law even protects a vaguely professional photograph from being reproduced without a release, so I'm not sure what a site would want outside of the properly worded statement in your file.

I published through Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble and none of them had any statements about it outside of the need for a properly worded page in the book.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kris, you have educated me!