Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 30, 2009 - A Little Madness...

A little madness now and then is cherished by the wisest of men.
-Willy Wonka

Life -

Work was less of a soul crushing disaster last night, but it was still a long night punctuated by a useless and hungover recent high school grad/ front cashier, an ad that I learned was impossible to hang while in a wheelchair and around 3 dozen rolls of film left for me to develop. I survived, but the days of "off" cannot come soon enough.

Take this paragraph:
I need to find a new apartment. My trailer house flooded, and the sewer backed up, so now I have hepatitis, and I was stressed, so I got on some pills, but they made me gain thirty pounds, so I got more stressed, so I stopped taking them, but now I've gained another 10 and can't sleep. See this thing under my chin? I dunno what it is. You don;t have the plain t-shirts in my size that I want, but you do have some men's pajama pants with a Coke logo, does that mean that you have more plain t-shirts in the back? Hummm well, I need cigarettes. They give you cancer, you know? I need some of the Gold Coast 100's, they're my brand, they're the only thing I will smoke. Oh, the Ligget's are cheaper? I'll get one of those. I'll buy mine, but not Marie's, y'know? I stopped smoking a week ago, it was too expensive, but then I started again because I was stressed. I didn't have enough money so I was stressed out. Y'know? Oh, I don't have enough money for that... You take lottery? No? Okay, I guess I'll just get the cigs and not the hairbrush.

I've never met this lady before, yet in one transaction, she makes me pityloathe her. Ahh retail.

Writing -

I revised a bit on my Mid-Grade novel (The Whispering Ferns) wrote a little teensy bit on my Zombie novel (Graves) and started a prologue on a humorous Romance/Horror Werewolf/Zombie/Pirate/Vampire novel that is as yet untitled....

The Last Sentence -


-Untitled Novel


Sherry said...

Dude, that really stinks. At as much as the other day, but still stinks.

Good luck on the writings! I'm still trying to come up with somethings to help with the title of the humorous Romance/Horror Werewolf/Zombie/Pirate/Vampire novel. It needs a title 'cause that is too tough to write out more than once.

Kristopher and Crew said...

You're telling me! I need a good title too, something cheesy and fun but still invoking the old school horror and romance novels it pokes fun at.