Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10, 2009

Life -
I had to work at 8am this morning, and boy, did my body not want to work. Luckily, Sundays at the drug store are pretty mellow, and I only worked until around 1:15, the short shift compensation for me working when I was supposed to be off, I suppose.

After work, Lindsay and I hit both of our parent's houses to deliver our mother's day gifts. Neither of us are really that into the various [insert name]'s Day holidays, they seem like transparent holidays invented to sell cards, flowers and crap, but we love our mothers, so it's worth it. Unfortunately, we couldn;t spend much time at either home, we had a crock pot going for dinner, and agreat deal of cleaning and unpacking to do.

I also checked out the water heater in my mom's basement. It's do-able, but the formerly dirt floor was still about 8 inches of gooshy mud, and the ceiling is about 8 inches lower than the top of my head, so I forsee a great amount of head bumping and swearing when the time comes to switch them out. Blah.

Writing -
I did virtually no writing done today, only about a paragraph. The part in the story is vital, but kind of boring to write, and I started feeling a bit antsy about how long it will take after writing this to actually see any money at all, presuming someone buys it. Best case scenario, I might find someone and get my first check by 2011, which is after we plan to be working towards the motel anyway. I still plan to write it, and am excited about doing so, but decided to balance it with my art a bit, and start doing a few pen and ink commissions again. That should give me a bit of extra income, but allow me to work on the book too.

To that end, I shook some rust out of my drawing hand by doing a quick piece for The Third Rail Design Lab's Weekly Jam, and drew a detail piece of Boba Fett, from Star Wars. You can see it over on my woefully rarely updated art page.

The Last Sentence -
The Janus House was very large, and Smith spent the next few hours wandering the halls.

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