Monday, May 25, 2009

May 24, 2009 - Snap Crackle Pop!

And today was supposed to be such a productive day...

Life -

Around 11 this morning, while I was playing with Pooka in the yard and waiting for our leftovers to heat in the microwave, I slipped into a hole in the yard and did something to my ankle, basically shattering any plans for the day. I did nothing on the "Life" side of my world today. Apart from taking FAR more effort than I would prefer trying to use crutches to get to and from the toilet.

I did discover that it is incredibly hard to carry things while on crutches and that your armpits hurt.

Writing -

I figured there would be an upside to being unable to move, and that would be my writing. Unfortunately, a combination of pain and pain meds that made me loopy (And possibly a Highball...) cut my writing production down too. I still wrote almost 2100 words and finished chapter 11, but it wasn't on the level that I'd hoped. (I'm also a bit afraid to go back and see exactly what I wrote in those circumstances....)

Monday's gotta be a better day, right? Thanks to everyone that has expressed concern. Most of you should be used to how clumsy I am by now however....

The Last Sentence
He hoped that the next day would be better than this one.
From "The Whispering Ferns - A Moonstone Bay Mystery"

Obviously, I had the same kind of day that my Character, Smith had....

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