Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 25, 2009 - Delerium not entirely drug related.

Life -

Today was an odd one, and pretty frustrating. This was supposed to be Lindsay and my day off together. We were going to cook gumbo, buy some plants for the garden, clean the house before I went back to work and generally have a relaxing day.

Instead I spent an hour crutching my way around Walgreens trying to find the right kind of ankle brace, avoiding the doctor and getting cabin fever sitting on my butt in this chair.

Couple of observances -
-Crutches are quite difficult if you've never used them before.
-Courtesy wheelchairs in stores are really cheap and hard to maneuver.
-The correct term for being stuck in a chair essentially immobile, according to my loving wife is "wallow"
-She finds this term endlessly amusing.
-A can of soda is essentially impossible to transport from the kitchen to a chair when on crutches.
-getting into the shower? Even harder.
-My dogs are big pains in the butt that ram into me more than I'd ever noticed before.
-How long before bedsores kick in?
-Work tomorrow night is going to be distinctly unpleasant.

I spent most of the day drifting in and out of consciousness. Wrote a little, read a little watched Rambo II, which may have prompted some of the sleeping, and generally wished I was anywhere but in the chair.

On the plus side, the swelling has gone down a lot, though it's still significantly larger than my other foot. There's some bruising starting to show up too.

Note the culprit sitting on the couch like a regular person, trying to be cute.... Devious monster.

Writing -

On the writing front, I made some progress, though less than I'd hoped. I wrote around 3,100 words. I was aiming for more, but I was so annoyed with being stuck in the chair that my attention wasn't there.

On the plus side, I think I might make my goal of finishing my first draft by Thursday.

I will not call the police if you'll come back to the library with me.
From "The Whispering Ferns"

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