Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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Life - 

Hello everyone out there in World Wide Webville. My name is Kristopher, and I want to be a blogger. Well, actually, I want to write kid's mystery books, sixties crime pulps and run a motel in Oregon. But for now, blogging!
That's right, it's been so long since I've written a post that I feel obligated to reintroduce myself. Ridiculous. I'm not even sure why... Lameness, primarily, I think. Also, I got a new Robert B Parker novel at the thrift store and my nook can play sudoku. 

Ahh, those are crap reasons. 

Anyway. Changes of a minor sort and poverty have occurred! Lindsay has started at her job as Night Auditor at an inn nearby, after months of no jobbiness, so, while that means our schedules have gotten further apart, eventually our finances, which have become rather dire, should get back on track.

I have continued to work in my new position in Portland, which is the same as my old position, but with added lobster. Also, the people in the Portland store tend to either be prettier, more strung out, or whinier than the customers in Bath. Which means I approach helping people with more trepidation, but with hopes of a funny story to come out of it!

What else has heppened in the 16 days since my last post? 

Maine has begun to green itself. Flowers popping up, leaves appearing. It's been odd weather, warm and humid, then rainy, then cold, then hot and sunny. I have no idea if that is normal, but one thing's for sure, especially with Lindsay sleeping during the days, we need to get an air conditioner for the bedroom. It gets mighty stuffy.

The new book by the Always Stupendous Marshall Karp, Cut, Paste, Kill got a starred review in publisher's weekly, and is now available to order. (Marshall mentioned once upon a time, hooking me up with an advance reader copy of this book, and if he has forgotten, I may have to drive to his house and steal his copy. I can't wait to read it.)

Jon's blog got an ginchy new header!

Lossa other cool stuff too, but right now, I'm sleepy, and Spenser has a mystery to solve!

Writing -

My query letter is still out in the wild, though the very cool agent did get back to me and let me know that she is looking forward to reading it, more soon. Frankly, that is good enough for me! Just the idea of an agent, especially one as respected and awesome as this one is being interested in reading my query letter makes me happy.

I also re-read Graves, my zombie/drug store novel on my nook this week. It needs some work, especially with an eye towards getting the personalities tied down, but I was pleasantly surprised what a fun read it was. Y'know, all horn tooting aside.  It was kind of a nice change, reading it on the nook like that. The e-reader's interface for note taking is so clunky that it essentially forced me to just READ it, no edits or anything, and I think that actually made me more able to examine it from a customer/editor's perspective.

RE: Maine

#1005 - People in Maine love to follow you in their car. 

 They will be on your butt in the passing lane and, thinking they want to, y'know, pass, I will cut over to the right lane. Which I avoid generally, not because I'm an ass or drive super fast, it's just in pretty bad shape between here an Portland, with visible ruts, like the dirt roads in a wild west town.

When you do cut over, they don't pass you. Nope. They either continue on, just a few inches behind you off the port side or they'll cut in behind you in the right lane and happily follow you for 30 miles. Very unnerving.


Anonymous said...

Just popped in to see what you were up to. Today was a blogfest called Primal Scream. I've entered three of them and enjoyed every one. Pop over and click on the link to the host's website where you can get other contestants' links.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Glad to have you back, since time on you is not wasted!

I liked the whole post and was like, who's Jon, clicked the link and blushed. Thanks! I had fun making it.

The gas station job is going pretty, btw. I mean, I hate it, but I am not quitting.

The Grows said...

It is so nice to meet you. You sound like a very nice, very interesting, and very witty person. I can't wait to see what else you blog. On a side note will I ever get to read your book? The whole thing. The two chapters or whatever I got like a year ago is still in my mind and I want to know what happens.

Marshall said...

Despite the fact that my wife disagrees with the Always Stupendous part, send me your address and I'll send you an ARC of Cut, Paste, Kill. I expect nothing in return. However, a little indentured servitude always goes a long, long way.

Steve at Random said...

Always clever with the phrase, Mr. McClanahan. "And then Maine wet itself." Also, I wish my job stayed the same, only with more lobster. How about a blog devoted to your children? Maybe it could be about their trip east from their point of view.

randymeiss said...

Great to read something new by the great Kristopher McClanahan. I look forward to some more crazy customer stories.

What kind of weirdo drivers you got out East? If I lived there I would have to invest in a rearward facing cannon, or else hire me a tailgunner. Maybe you can have the dogs hang out the window and let their drool spray the bumper cars. That might cause them to back up a bit or pass.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Catherine - Thanks for the links... great stuff!

Jon - Don't give up hope... though it is quite possible that my job was one of the very few that didn't blow.

B - I will get you a copy as soon as I figure out a few things about printing it. Email me your new address!

Marshall - Thanks, Oh Stupendous One! I shall continue to expand your cult as much as my meager abilities allow. I would also walk your dog for he is adorable.

Steve - I do need to have more pictures of the kids. Pooka got another tick today. Stupid dog.

Randy - That is a hilarious idea... I may have to devise some way to channel their droof into a defensive spray...