Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life Is Pleasant

And blog titles are generic.

But it has been. The weather is nice, work, though hectic and filled with long hours has been pretty rewarding, and things are finally starting to stabilize out here in Maine.

We have some new friends that love our flowering bush out back...

 I wrestled ten escaped lobsters in the back of Stormalong when they managed to stage a jailbreak en route to work....

My brother escaped his operation scathed, but doing well...

I made some stickers for Stormalong so that, in addition to being unique, he is now uniquer...

And best of all, a few days ago in the mail, this arrived!

And personalized by very reliably stupendous and ridiculously witty Marshall Karp himself! (I assume. It is possible that he farms out the sigs to Kylie...)

Review coming soon!

I also have a much needed day off Tuesday, which means the store manager that I've been covering for is back from his vacation... mixed blessings there.

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Nice! New bushes...and new friends.

You wrestled lobsters? Sounds fun. But, then again, I'm imagining dudes in squishy lobster suits, so it's obviously going to be fun that way.

Vacation time coming up?