Monday, May 24, 2010

Thoughts Of The West

Tomorrow, my little brother goes under the knife, for what he has termed the "William Wallace". It's a fairly common procedure, and from all I've read, everything looks golden. It should restore him from the posture of an ancient man and make his life back to mostly normal. It better. For months, he's been wracked with pain, unable to function happily, or even move in some cases.

It took them a long time to figure it out too, from trip after trip to the docs, voodoo witchcraftery, steampunk devices and hollywood magic, but after tomorrow, all should be on the mend.

I'm freaked out though, as anyone should be before an invasive procedure, regardless of how common, and I sincerely hope all goes well. I don't really pray, but as my grandma says, I fret. And if anyone would like to help me fret, or send out a prayer, I'd appreciate it.


Jonathon Arntson said...

I am a fretter too and I'm with ya, bro.

Caroline Tung Richmond said...

I'll definitely send a prayer and good thoughts your brother's way! Wishing him all the best!

Sherry said...

I wish him all the best of luck and a fast recovery!

I fret over almost everything...especially the stuff I can't help with or have any control over. I'm sure your brother will be great in a short while!

randymeiss said...

I certainly will be praying for a successful operation and speedy recovery.

The Grows said...

I will keep a prayer in my heart for him that all will go well and he will recover quickly.

Matthew Rush said...

May god hold your whole family in the palm of his hand ... if you believe in that kind of thing.

We will all certainly hold you in our thoughts.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Thanks everyone. It was a very tense day, but everything worked out... eventually. They ended up having to open him up, rather than operate laproscoically, which added hours to the operation.

Turns out, he was in rougher shape than they'd thought and it was a very good thing he chose the operation rather than meds.

He's in recovery now and will spend the next week in the hospital.

Thanks for all of your well wishes.