Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sinking In

We are in a kind of limbo.

We live in a building that is no home, with no internet access or ability to become comfortable beyond the small progress we've made.

Our pets are in Idaho, 3000 miles away and we've begun missing them, without a doubt. We spent a good amount of time at breakfast today staring wistfully at a dog in a car.

I really don't know where we are going to live in the future. All of the new assistants at work will have a store, a home base, and they've been decided, but no one actually knows where they'll end up. The bad thing there is that the district is big. Spread out, with a lot of different types of stores and locations. Tiny, urban stores in the heart of the downtown and tall rural buildings in small towns to the North.

I've managed to finagle a bit of info, a few vague hints about where I'll end up, and it looks like it will be to the NorthWest about an hour or so. This adds some level of difficulty to the house hunt, especially without having the internet for searching.

Oh yeah, and money is getting tight. My checks have been a bit smaller with the vacation time and the loss of Lindsay's income. We can't really find her a job until we get a town, so we're gonna have to pinch some nickels pretty thin in the meantime.

But we're still happy and enjoying Maine. It's just gotten to feel less like a vacation, but it still hasn't started feeling secure either. Maybe soon...

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Sherry said...

Aww, that isn't too good. Hopefully they'll tell you and you guys will find the perfect house in the space of a week, or three days. I'm not sure which is a better choice. You know we are here to support you guys. If you need anything, ask.