Monday, February 8, 2010

Frustration and Once Again, Work.

My internet here in the great state of Maine has become increasingly erratic and useless, more often than not just working long enough to anger me when it goes down again. Usually just after I've hit submit on something, causing me to lose anything I'd typed.

But that's okay. Apart from that, we really like it here. In the next few daqys we are starting to look for a house to rent or buy, will hopefully escape this goofy little apartment and good things will happen.

I started work three days ago. My new store is full of incredibly hilarious characters, the kind that should fuel many a blog. The store manager, really more of a circus ringleader than a manager has his hands full. I've worked three full days, doing the first actual labor I've really been able to do since my accident and each evening/morning, I feel it. My back and shoulder are stiff and sore, and my left arm, which is forced to bear the brunt of my work is quite unhappy with me.

It feels good to get back to work though, and every exertion makes things easy the next day. One of the pluses of working for my company is that most stores are very much like any other store, so getting adjusted to working in one only takes as long as you need to meet and get comfortable with the employees.

Over the next few months they will be, as my boss put it, whoring me out to other stores, helping out wherever I'm needed, both setting up stores and working in established ones. Next week I work in Augusta, an hour drive from Windham, where we've set up shop for now. I just hope things settle a bit eventually so that I can get into a groove and start writing again.

Pictures soon, just not now. I started uploading pictures a few times, but the connection failed before they loaded. Bah to the internet at the Northeastern Motel.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Look forward to photos, updates, and, for you, rest.

Well, okay, for me too.

randymeiss said...

It's very good to hear some positive things. Having a good work environment is a big plus. It will interesting reading about your experiences at all those different locations.

Sherry said...

I'm glad things are starting to look better! I hope that work sorts itself out quickly and that you and Lindsey find an awesome place to live.