Friday, February 26, 2010

The Opposite Of Boredom

Life - 
My how things can change overnight!

Last night Maine got hit with a pretty gnarly winter storm, though quite unlike the storms most of the rest of the East coast has been getting. Instead of snow, we got inches of rain and winds. Oh the winds! Sometimes exceeding 90 miles an hour, the trees behind the Northeastern Motel, (The crummiest little motel in the east) were whipping back and forth in a truly majestic fashion. You could hear the deep groaning of the wood echoing through the forest. We lost power at around 10, just as an episode of House Hunters was on that I wanted to see. They were buying a home in Morocco! It looked intriguing!

So instead, we sat in the dark and read or watched nature bend. This morning it was dramatic outside to say the least. Roads washed away or flooded. Trees downed and stripped of their branches. School buses blocking areas where bridges used to be. (Note: The author may be over describing things for dramatic effect)

I drive 24 miles to work, through fairly windy back roads, in a line of cars too cheap to take the wide route and pay the toll. Today, between closures, detours and LONG lines of cars, it took me almost two hours. There was a six mile section of road when my speedometer never left its peg I was moving so slow.

When I arrived to work. CHAOS. Eight stores without power, stranded employees, no contact, power coming on then failing in stores. Melting Ice cream, flying Ws, ZOMBIES!!!! EeeeEEeeee!!!!

Love it.

There's something about the breakdown of routine and modern conveniences that gets my juices pumping and for once, as the acting admin, I feel like I have something to do. I'm the brains, the mother ship for all of our poor little foundling stores. Most of whom seem to have NO idea how to cope with circumstances like this. I've spent the day coordinating stores, updating statuses, giving advice and orders and aiming for the brain stem.

BRING IT APOCALYPSE, I'll kick your butt.  

I just wish I'd brought my shotgun and drove the hovercraft to work. Getting home could be a pain.


Rena said...

Crazy weather. I just heard someone say there was 17" of snow in Manhattan. Montana has had a really mild winter this year. Good luck getting home!

Anonymous said...

In WV, we are just get the side of the storm so winds are around 30 and we are getting snow/rain mix that will turn to snow tonight. I'm tired of the snow.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Our road is down to barely a life is so much fun.

Sherry said...

Wow!! That sounds AWESOME!! GO STORM!!! I'm glad that life gave you the chance to show your an administrative fashion. Other ways are up to you and Lindsey. I'll leave her to it.

Kristopher and Crew said...

The storm has been odd... snow, then rain then snow then spring then snow. If it didn't result in an inch of mud covered by and inch of slush with three inches of snow on top it wouldn't be too bad. But it is.

And Sherry, I did indeed show my stuff. Some were appreciative.