Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bath On Valentines Day

First off, let me say this - I dislike Valentine's Day. I think it is a silly holiday. If you're in love you shouldn't need a specific holiday to show that special someone that you care. It should be spontaneous and heartfelt, not court-ordered and made of pink cardboard.

This may all stem from some deep-seated resentment from not getting a valentine from my crush in first grade (Not a true story) but there ya go. I also think Groundhog Day is silly, but it's the kind of silly I can get behind.

Today, we went to Bath, Maine. Mostly because it looked like fun. Bath is on a peninsula and essentially surrounded by rivers, ponds, streams, puddles, islands, the Atlantic and trees.

I would give you a bit more of a historical view, telling you about the town and it's no-doubt awesome inhabitants but my grip on the internet is tenuous at best and I dare not risk it. Perhaps at a later date, when we can do more there than drive around admiring the variety of houses and their adorable and historic downtown.

Bath, as well as the other places we stopped, like Brunswick and Popham Beach were cold and pretty dead, though there were more shops open on a Sunday afternoon that I would have thought.

We also got lost, drove to the ocean, I found a good place to hole up in the inevitable case of zombie attack (Not telling you!) Saw a lighthouse from afar, peed in a scary public restroom with a ridiculously cold draft, ate a "Barbecue" potato chip with so much cayenne I couldn't breathe for a while and we saw CEMETERIES!

Linz and I are cemetery nuts, as anyone that visits here regularly knows, and Maine has been dead folk heaven for us. Old, glorious places with weathered slabs of stone and worn down engravings. We didn't stop at any, most were along the road and closed for the winter, but we made generous use of our ThomThom's Favorites feature and dutifully logged each as we came across it. This spring, we shall be extra morbid!

Starting tomorrow, I'm the temporary administrative assistant at the district office... Not sure what I think about this gig. They're doing it to be nice to my arm, I think, but I fear it shall be boring and slow. Luckily, I have my nook! Just too bad I didn't bring any cute skirts to wear.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Like the pics, thanks for the Vday bashing comment on my blog.

Sherry said...

Go for a pencil skirt - it gives most people good lines. And black is slimming. Now you know all my suit secrets. And neither are secrets, so I'm not sure it was helpful.

It sounds like you and Lindsey are getting into the Maine spirit - dead people! Go cemeteries!! Seriously do go back and take loads of pictures. I like cemeteries, too. Japanese ones are not really anything special. Not nearly as creepy. ...or are they?

Brenda Sturgis said...

Some great restaurnts in Brunswick. The Great Impasta. We're having a mild winter, you're in luck.