Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vacation - Oregon Coast - Day Seven

Our last day of the vacation that wasn't to be spent exclusively on the road turned out gorgeous. We loaded the car, ate some leftover Thai for breakfast, checked out of our little Motel room, and headed to the bay area to browse through some shops. We spoke for a while with the owner of one of the galleries and chatted with the owner of the little Irish shop, which was great, though pretty empty for being there for a year.

Then we hopped over to Georgie's Grill, in the Hallmark Resort, which is right on the beach, and has a spectacular view of the ocean. Their food is pretty reasonable too, and we ordered a bread bowl of chowder, which was in a pretty solid sourdough bowl, and was impossible to eat neatly. Note to self, never order bread bowls when trying to impress people.

The Sylvia Beach Hotel, which looks much larger from the beach.

We wandered on the beach for a bit after that, before deciding to shake some dust and head home, with a goal of sleeping in Mary Hill again for the night. Naturally, as we left the beach, Newport had to throw one last weather patch at us, and it hailed.

The drive back was pretty fun, we stopped briefly in Tillamook, where we were underwhelmed again by the cheese factory and enjoyed the french cheese factory, the Blue Heron, where they make some utterly stellar Blue Cheese dressing. We headed from there to Portland, taking the direct route, rather than heading up through Astoria, and it was a nice drive, very scenic, and a lot of cute little spots that look touristy if it was later in the year. We hit Portland at 5pm, rush hour, but we escaped far quicker than in the past, and hit Mary Hill around 8pm.

We ate at a little Mexican cantina that had unimpressive salsa and great Pollo De La Crema and parked in the same obscure back road for the night. Next stop, home.

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