Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book Review - PIPSQUEAK by Brian M. Wiprud

Pipsqueak by Brian M. Wiprud
2004, 294 pages
Brian M. Wiprud is a crazy man. His stories are usually off the wall and crazy, but also a tremendous amount of fun, with complex stories weaving between his cast of insane characters.

Pipsqeak is the tale (Or Tail...) of Garth Carson, a man that makes his living renting taxidermied animals to various movies, advertising and pretty much whoever needs a stuffed lion named Fred. While trolling thrift stores for forgotten gems, he stumbles across a squirrel puppet from an old TV show, a robbery in progress, a murder and eventually cults, hair pomade, balls in the head of a rodent, a Russian hot dog stand and all sorts of wackiness. Pipsqueak is cool, funny and demented, and I loved the ride.

Wiprud writes in a style that makes you feel like you're sitting in the main character's living room as he regales you with his adventures of the last day, a way of writing that adds a lot of humor and character to the book, and it is immensely readable. I've rad one of his other books, and enjoyed it just as much, I look forward to reading Tailed, another one I picked up on our recent vacation.


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