Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009

Just a quick update. I hope to get back to the Motel search posts ASAP, but I need to edit the photos for the next part, and every time I sit down to do that, I decide that I should be working on my Sister-In-Law's wedding photos instead, but I'll get back to it. In the meantime, Linz and I are gradually becoming acclimated and resigned to giving up the search in an active fashion for the time being. Since we got home from our vacation, we've started getting the yard ready for summer, trimming the bushes, raking the yard, realizing that we'd dumped the boxes of yard sale stuff on top of all of my yard work supplies like the mower, buying a couple of shrubberies for the weird L in the back by the RV parking, trying to decide how to best create a little private patio area... Most of the work is in its infancy now, but once we do more than talk about it, I'll have to take some pictures. We have quite a few plans, all geared towards enjoying our time here more.

I've also been trying unsuccessfully for the last two days to drain and replace the element in our water heater. Turns out it's a bit more work than I'd anticipated, and the element itself is being extremely stubborn. For some reason, plumbing and I do not get along. The last one I attempted, replacing the spout on the tub, resulted in my tearing the entire pipe out of the setting, creating a huge mess, and had to beg a friend's husband to bail me out. If I can't manage to unscrew this damn element, I may have to do the same again. Maybe there's a trick I'm missing.

Bah to plumbing. Nice to have, crap to do.

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