Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 02, 2009

Boy, this blog is turning more into Book Review Corner than a blog about our attempts to buy and run a Motel... Part of that is that we've both been sick for the last week, and are desperately trying to get better. Also, it's snowing outside. Still. So some of my plans to work in the garden, improve the house, take some new photos, go camping, etc, have been scuttled for the time being. It snowing also means that my poorly insulated Garage/Studio is freezing cold, so no art has been done.

On the plus side, Lindsay has been getting some pages written on her book, and I've written up a pretty good outline on my zombie book, and started in on my mystery novel. (Which I'm currently writing without being entirely sure whodunnit, or where it's headed. I figure I'll let the characters tell the story until I need to guide it along...)

I've also held off on the next post of the Quest, because the next post concerns a property that may end up being significant in the near future, so we're waiting to hear back some news before I continue.

In the meantime, you'll probably get a couple of more book reviews, maybe some posts with photos of the dogs playing in the snow, if I ever get my memory card cleared off and Pooka stops eating Poopsicles long enough for a photo op.

Of course, on Tuesday, we leave to spend a week on the coast for a brief Quest-Free vacation from the madness, and I'm planning to update with some photos and stories from that along the way!

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Rachael said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys write! I'm happy Linz finally joined Facebook! I'm sorry things haven't gone exactly to plan with the properties, and I'm looking forward to any photos/vids you want to send of izzy's wedding. Can't wait for the next installment!