Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our plans for the Rugged Country Part 2

After evaluating the other hotels and motels in Pendleton, we decided one way for us to stand out, was to remodel a few of the rooms, adding some luxurious and romantic touches, like jacuzzi tubs, king sized beds, and offering gift baskets and deals for honeymoons and anniversaries. We also planned to theme the rooms, keeping with the western decor already in the rooms, but making the romantic rooms more immersive and fun. We really wanted to get the locals in. There isn't much else to do in Pendleton, and we knew that if we could get the locals to consider us a vacation type of escape, that our numbers would be helped dramatically.

We also redesigned the logo dramatically, from this:
To something simpler, looking to evoke the bed and breakfast feel they were aiming for, as well as the classier inns of Europe with the simple silhouette.
We drew up the entire business plan and logo in three days, printing it the evening before we left for Pendleton. It was pretty brief, but after speaking with Kris one last time, we felt it was sufficient, she mostly wanted to get an idea of what we were hoping to do with the place, and how enthusiastic we were. After the last trip, we went into this one with a bit more trepidation, looking at the drive as more of a vacation, and planning to enjoy the city more. We also brought a pile of printouts of other potential places in Oregon and Washington to thumb through. We left for Pendleton OR, on September 14th, just over a month after our breakdown of talks in Grayland.

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