Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Review - EXTREME ODDS by Rick Hanson

Extreme Odds by Rick Hanson
1998, 256pgs

Rick Hanson's Adam McCleet Mysteries, of which this is the fifth, are an interesting little series. Adam McCleet is a retired police detective in his late forties working at his second career as a semi-famous sculptor, primarily of women riding on sea life. He's dating the gorgeous gallery owner, has a huge number of eccentric friends and the worst sister in the world, Margot. Adam also has a talent for getting into wacky, danger-ridden capers. Extreme Odds is the story of the nation of Bob, formerly an Indian sovereign nation in Oregon, where Adam's friend has created what he thinks will become a moneymaking, free love, free world oasis. Naturally, his friend has started to create it by inviting in a polygamist cult, a paramilitary group, a nympho pot grower, and started building a casino. After a series of "accidents" Adam finds himself stuck in the middle as unofficial Sheriff of Bob, and trying to solve a murder while dealing with encroaching feds, baby births, mystery men, bombs, funny money and everything else Hanson can throw at his poor hero. Naturally, just as things couldn't get worse Margot shows up!

The Adam McCleet series has always been a fun, lighthearted series. They're pretty short, and have enough twists and turns to keep you entertained for a while. I found myself rolling my eyes at some of the characters in this book a little more than in previous, but it was still a fun installment. They're very much along the lines of a Tim Dorsey or Dave Barry novel, which isn't a bad thing. Hanson's stories are based in Oregon too, which is a very welcome change from most of the other wacky crime novelists out there, who usually base their books in Florida, or California. It's good to know there's crazies everywhere!


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