Tuesday, January 6, 2009

August 10th, 2008 - Driving Home From Grayland

Why do I prefer driving home along the gorge on the Washington side rather than the interstate on the Oregon side? Aside from the obvious; that the Oregon side is an interstate, and interstates are the Wal-Marts of the road, killing small diners, roadside attractions and individuality, on the Washington side, you also get amazing curvy roads, tunnels, an occasional Sasquatch, and views like these:

Classic Car & Semi

Lush Greenery

Oh yeah, and This View!

On the way home, we also stopped at The Hungry Redneck Cafe, which is this great little diner outside of Durkee, OR and had some huge portions of excellent grub, topped off by the BEST strawberry pie I'd ever eaten in my life. If you're ever in the area, which would be in the middle of nowhere off the side of the interstate, you should stop. Really. Unless you're on a diet that you plan to stay on, anyway.
The Hungry Redneck Cafe!

Apparently, the Hungry Redneck also has Espresso, whatever that fancy word means, I'm guessing it means sorta fast in Redneckian.


The Grows said...

I think you made the right choice. That looks like a beautiful drive. If you guys get your place up there, I will have to take that route when I come and stay.

randymeiss said...

Yes, I've only been through the Washington/Oregon area once in my life that didn't involve air travel. My Dad took us on a motorcycle trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Bedford, Oregon and we went through part of Washington. Absolutely gorgeous country, especially when viewed from a motorcycle seat.