Monday, January 12, 2009

Forging Ahead

Somewhat despondent about the failure of the Sea Spray attempt, we licked our wounds for a few days, then jumped back on the horse. On the way to the coast, we'd already compiled a list of a few other motels and hotels that looked promising, most along the coast of WA and OR, as well as a few on the border between the two.

In Pendleton, OR, there were three motels for sale. We'd been to Pendleton before, and stayed the night there a couple of times, it was about as far off from a beach related area as it gets, being far more mountainous and dry. In fact, the more we looked into Pendleton, the more it began looking similar to our hometown, Pocatello. Situated in the valley, famous for it's yearly rodeo, small population, a nearby Indian reservation and casino, interstate running through it... Really the major initial difference we saw was the smaller number of churches, and rather than hiding away and denying their western past to an extent, Pendleton embraced it; running an amazing underground tour, paving the sidewalks to look like slatted boards, they even run a slogan in the city stating "Welcome to where the real west lives!" Certainly not what we were initially envisioning when we started this, but we thought it would be worth a look!

The next day, we contacted our trusty Realtor Jared and asked him to find us a Realtor in Pendleton.

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Rachael said...

Hey oh! I got you guys something cool as a Christmas/New Year's/Anniversary gift. Looking for a box for it now. The explanation of it will be in the box...but it's mostly for your business. And let me know if you want anything else from here.... I'll be here until Jan. of next year!