Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Long To These Kite Strings

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Life -  
 Okay. This is the beginning. Again. I've been a slacker for a while now, doing awesome things and not writing about them. Well, doing things and not writing about them, anyway. Nothing too spectacular. But life. And since that's the heading on here that shows up every time I start a new post, I guess I'd better start writing about it again.

So what's happened since.... well a year ago? Wemovednorthgotnewjobdidntgetapromotionboughtlegossoldstuffonetsyplayedwithdogs snow christmaswasgoodmovedstoresacoupleoftimesreadlotsofbookswatchedtvgotnetflixcookedmexicanfood.

Next? Finishing a couple of books for adults, write a book or two for kids, keep up with Etsy, try to make money outside of my increasingly stifling retail job, head to Salem for a writer's conference and the Lego store, fly to Idaho for a week this spring and try to whittle down our debt.

Check back. I'll be around more often.


(And if you thought reading those was hard, it was just as hard typing without adding spaces. haha)

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