Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Comp Weekend

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 At my job I'm salaried and working in retail, that means from November to January, my position works six days a week instead of five. Which, when you typically work ten or eleven hours a day, that's a lot of working. So in return, they give you two extra days off in January to compensate. Mostly. Usually they let you combine it with your days off, like I did this year, to get six off in a row.

Which is pretty cool, a mini vacation without using vaca days and after the holidays, you can use some unwinding time. Yet somehow, in the last six days, I've accomplished... not much. I cleaned the house a bit, we made a trip into town, I put a few new items on my Etsy shop and edited about a third of my book, but that's not much when you consider the amount I should have gotten done.

Part of the problem, I think is that as of right now, there are so many shoes up in the air, I feel like a spider at a slumber party. I have an interview on the 9th for a promotion, at roughly the same time, the company is announcing a major management restructuring that could make that interview moot and eliminate the position I'm interviewing for. Or they could eliminate my current position and... well... Anything could happen, honestly. In two months, I could have my own store, making enough money for us to finally put our plans for the future into action or... I could be unemployed. Worst case scenario, but not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

So I have had a really hard time concentrating on much of anything this last week. I'd even planned to write five or six blogs for each of my sites and schedule them. Instead I read a couple of comics, two novels and took apart some Legos.


The upside is that my frustration at not knowing what's going on has given me a case of severe cabin fever. Instead of dreading the return to work, I'm looking forward to it. Perversely, that's the easiest place to keep my mind off of it.

Wish me luck.


Sherry said...

Good luck!! I hope it ends up that first way with you rolling in money and legos. Let us know as soon as you do!

Steve at Random said...

It's so exciting to read your blog as Uncle Steve lives his life vicariously through his relatives. I would say you are positioned correctly for which ever direction life leads. If it's a promotion, well that's good. And if it's time to look elsewhere...well, the great state of North Dakota is looking for a few more good souls! And just think, you would be hundreds of miles closer to home.

inluvwithwords said...

Wow, life sounds busy right now. Wishing you all the best.

New follower here. Found you through Verla's.

Kris said...

Thanks guys... I'll be here more often, I hope. Haha

Welcome to the ROUS Motel, Inluv!!