Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012... not certain...

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Life -  
 My Life indeed. I've been a slacker this year, at least in regards to posting. Less than a post a week and not nearly spaced out that way. No reading updates or tracking... missed an entire vacation with family picture post to say nothing of our own adventures and mishaps.

But that's gonna change. I'm not making any resolutions per se, but I am hoping to post more and most importantly more real posts, not just "Ohh hey, ya, I've been busy.." We'll see how the year works out.

I can say this; In six months or so, there could be some Radical Sweeping Changes happening. I can't actually give any details, as I don't know them myself, but my job is prepping some sort of mysterious plan that could seriously affect my job and therefor my life. And at this point I genuinely dont know if it'll be for the better or worse. Or if, for the worse, if it reaqlly would be the better. You see? Me either.

Or nothing could come of it and I could stay where I am, in a store I enjoy in a position that, while not making our dreams come true is something I'm good at and don't hate that mostly pays our bills. If that's the case great. We'll spend the year writing books, paying down our debt and relaxing.

If I can remember what that's like, anyway.

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