Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowier Day!

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Lorena by Bob Schneider
Sassafras has a slight Sasquatch infestation.

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 Man, just when I thought we'd gotten a lot of snow, we got a lot more snow. This morning, we got over a foot on top of the crusty, ice covered foot that we already had. I spent a good chunk of today fighting my way through it trying to free up my vehicles but eventually gave up, much to my wife's dismay. (I'd planned to take her to the new pizza place in Brunswick for lunch...) But the snow is gorgeous and falling gently, without the 30mph winds we would have been getting with it back in Idaho.

To emphasize the amount of snow we have in the backyard, here's Ludo irrevocably losing a tennis ball.

Luckily, our landlords, who are incredibly nice and awesome showed up and plowed our giant sloped driveway with their truck. Hooray! But I still didn't want to leave the house, so we made some grilled chicken and mac & cheese and I worked on Lindsay's book cover. Which turned out pretty awesome. I also worked with my new gadget, a die-cutter that should allow me to make detailed and exacting cuts on my stickers, ramping up the variety and production quality. 
Sasquatch Convention!
We also spent some time relaxing and reading, though Ludo kept bogarting the nook in an attempt to finish The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

Work again tomorrow, unfortunately. Sigh.

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Yeah... nuttin' there this week.

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My Current Weight - 295   

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Shrunken Heads and Book Covers!

 Reluctantly In Love gets a cover!

Coming soon - Stephen King's Genius

Giant Crocs, Bookbinding and Clowns!


Steve at Random said...

I saw where parts of Maine could get temperatures close to minus 50...that must be some of the same cold air that blanketed us this past week. Hope it's warmer where you are, but don't think you have the monopoly on snow.

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Hahah good point, and in all honesty, they do a pretty darn good job out here. It's just our acre long hill of a driveway that's killing me. We got cold, but only about -13, not too bad.