Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Days

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Wonderful Life by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

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 Not a lot to report here. We got hit with that gnarly storm, which dumped around a foot of snow on us, then quit. Which to me is pretty wimpy in some ways. Yeah, it was rough while it was coming down, but compared to the wind and storms, with the bitter cold and ice underlying it all that we got in Idaho, it was more of a gorgeous, fun novelty for me. Apart from freeing our cars from the driveway, that is. I don't know why I always end up in homes with steep, ragged, hard to navigate drives. On the plus side, Lindsay's work closed the hotel the night of the storm, so we got to hunker down in the warm house that night.

Writing - 

No real progress here. I did come across a new plot change to my current work, but for the most part, I've been involved with other things.

Weighty Matters -   
My Current Weight - 296
    Progress Thus Far -     

Not much, though we've started to make some significant changes. I bought some seltzer water and some flavorings so that I can make myself some substitute sodas that are significantly lower in calories and caffeine, and we've started eating salads more. That should help.

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Irith The Flyer
An atypical "hot guy"
Double Indemnity

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randymeiss said...

I loved the video of Ludo! Just one question, what up with all of a sudden rotating the camera angle 90 degrees? I bet Ludo was wondering if a tennis ball was worth the effort.