Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 342... Success!

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Off The Map by Guy Clark

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 Now, this is more like it! After nearly a year, our quest has finally come to a satisfactory conclusion! No, we haven't bought a little motel to run and no, we haven't gotten agents or sold our books, but we did  find good Mexican food in Maine! It's been a challenge, far harder than we'd have ever imagined! Every one we found or had suggested were really Mexi-Can't restaurants, run by white hippies or serving food that was bland, or sweet, or over priced, or poor quality or the worst, a chain.

But tucked away in a strip mall in Lewiston Maine, about a half hour from our house, there's a place called Hacienda El Patron, and here we found good Mexican food run by friendly, legit and efficient hispanic gentlemen. Awesome.

Now, to be fair, it isn't the best we've ever had, if it was in Idaho, it would probably be third or fourth place, but out here, it fills that little chili shaped hole in our hearts. (A full review will be hitting Reviews Of Unusual Size tomorrow)

After lunch, Lindsay had the urge to look for a certain few used romance novels so we spent a bit of time trying to find a shoppe whose sign we'd driven past a few times... turns out, it's been closed for some time. Upon reflection and after a comment from the lady at the gas station, it was probably a Christian bookstore anyway (Second Timothy's Bookstore) so no huge loss. So instead, we drove twenty minutes to the South and went to the Two Brother's Bookstore, in Freeport.

On first glance, it didn't look like much, just a small room of books and a second alcove, but it opened up pretty impressively into some book filled chambers. Their romance section left a bit to be desired, but their crime and pulp section was awesome and Lindsay found a book about life in the 1850's that actually describes how the contemporaries of the day dealt with things, not just how it would affect the future or the world at large. It looks like a book she'll enjoy.
Then we came home and I'm currently squirting water at Pooka, who has decided to be a whiny pain in the butt tonight. Maybe later we'll play some Lego Board games. Sounds like a good day off to me!

Writing - 
I did a nice read through on my 50's post apocalyptic alternate timeline western noir revenge novel. Needs a good, bang-up ending, but I was pretty happy with what I have. Should be a fun book.

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For the first time, Pale thought about the men he'd killed as people, not just obstacles.   
From - "Mr Pale Steps Out" (WIP)

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My Current Weight -  295    

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Considering the holidays just past, not too bad, and we've got some pretty thorough plans for the future that should ramp things up a bit. Though knowing about a decent Mexican restaurant won't be helping....

 This Week -  Facing Front!

The downside of snow.

A story about a Dude.

Hacienda Del Patron


The Grows said...

Congrats on the big find. We have so many Mexican restaurants here, what I want is a really good sandwich place. I have yet to find one. I miss Goodies and the Works. MMMMM not to mention yummy Butterburrs. Pocatello didn't have a lot of stuff but they did have good sandwiches and good Mexican.

Kate said...

Edable Mexican Food near by is an essencial part of life. Congrats on your find.

Sherry said...

Nice! Good job all around! May you both enjoy your reads.

I can't wait to be able to read this book of yours. It sounds rather intriguing.

Jennifer Hillier said...

That dish looks yummy!

Ah, "book filled chambers"... love that imagery. Must have smelled wonderful and papery. :)

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

B - It's funny, my wife was just complaining about the lack of good sandwiches out here too! They have a ton of places for italian subs or meatball ones, but not much else. We miss a lot of the places we had in Missoula, MT. Especially the Staggering Ox and late night runs to the Pita Pit.

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Thanks Kate! It took a while, and the search continues for more.

My next food goal is good fried chicken...

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Sherry -

You know you'll be the first I'll offer it to when it's done. I need your input. And I need to keep you reading english hahah!

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Thanks Jennifer. The place was pretty great. Nothing like Powells or Saw Weller back on the West coast, but pretty nice for a little shop.

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